Blossoming of Lutsk

Spring in Ukraine should be my favorite season. Everyone knows about Japanese Sakura blossom, but I think that when Ukrainian trees start to blossom it might be as beautiful as this wonder in Japan. After I came back to Lutsk from another place I felt this strong aroma of cherries blossoming in my city. It … More Blossoming of Lutsk

Spring in Paris

The 29th of February appears to be once in 4 years, and this is my 4th time at Paris Charle de Gaulle Airport and I have finally go out of the transit zone. The airport is interesting, but to breeze the air of the last winter day in Paris is just perfect. During our flight … More Spring in Paris


After Armenian surprise when in the middle of sunny and warm weather the snow felt we were drying our shoes in youth hostel in Yerevan. It is good that they have hair-driers (or in our case – boots driers) in the hostel) The city was shocked by the snow, even the tulips were about to blossom… … More Snow_Spring_Yerevan