The sandal’s story

I was never thinking to share this story on my blog, but the weekly photo challenge topic “Morning” made me share something which happened to me in Portugal. We were living in the preservation area Terra Chaos in the mountains. It was a bit high so every day I could observe beautiful green trees of … More The sandal’s story

The path to Wonderland

There is narrow hard to go through path to each of the wonderlands. If you want to discover something incredible – try to deal with this way. By the way, mostly all the time it is really beautiful way! In response to weekly photochallenge: Narrow

Earth – is our Home.

Can`t stop wondering about the beauty and diversity of our Home. The Earth has everything for the comfortable live of humans, flora & fauna. She gives us everything and wants respect and care instead ❤ Love Earth ❤ Love our Home ❤ My respose to weekly photochallange Earth

Women who inspire… How to become an Ambassador.

Thanks to the friendship with wonderful organization “Ukrainian Women’s Fund” I have an opportunity to meet truly inspiring people and this time they were women Ambassadors. I was overexcited about the upcoming meeting because the Ambassador of one of my favorite countries the Kingdom of Morocco was invited to this event. So that was a … More Women who inspire… How to become an Ambassador.


Next destination was an authentic village of Obidus with beautiful castle. We tried here one of the traditional drink Ginga, which contains alcohol, and serves in chocolate cups. It reminded me about our candies, which have some liquor in a chocolate. Than we went to the beach in Nazare where beautiful Atlantic Ocean met us. … More Obidus