Morocco in details

Morocoo is one of my favourite country which I have visited. May be that`s why I paid attention to its details so much. I found everything is so beautiful and charmong that I want to come back to this country again and again. This time last year I was exploring my favourite country and making … More Morocco in details

The beauty of religions

In respond to wordpress weekly challange Look Up, I would like to share the images of sacral architecture. The spiritual essence of the world religions makes us look up on these heavenly buildings, called churches, mosques, temples,sinagogues, etc. They are build like they are going to reach the heaven, because all they are created for the God. … More The beauty of religions

Back to Istanbul

Last time I was visited Istanbul in December 2013, and during this autumn I also paid a visit to this beautiful and charming city – city of energy and wet feet))) I don`t know why, but for last time it was melting snow in Istanbul, and now it was raining almost all the time, so … More Back to Istanbul