The path to Wonderland

There is narrow hard to go through path to each of the wonderlands. If you want to discover something incredible – try to deal with this way. By the way, mostly all the time it is really beautiful way! In response to weekly photochallenge: Narrow

The beauty of religions

In respond to wordpress weekly challange Look Up, I would like to share the images of sacral architecture. The spiritual essence of the world religions makes us look up on these heavenly buildings, called churches, mosques, temples,sinagogues, etc. They are build like they are going to reach the heaven, because all they are created for the God. … More The beauty of religions

Rabat as our home

After our long trip through Casablanca and Nador, Rabat appears to be the most calm and relaxing city even if it is the capital of Moroccan Kingdom. I feel like at home in this place. There are some of the things which I would like to highlight with the pink glitter marker which made our … More Rabat as our home

8 things that will save you from loneliness in Ukrainian train

What about  to travel by train? We don’t have airport in my city so to get to another destination in Ukraine I could use train, bus or a car, but most frequently I use trains. I like travelling by trains, but what I’ve seen that different countries have variable types of trains. If you will come … More 8 things that will save you from loneliness in Ukrainian train