The Scarf Story

The photo with a story. The scarf story started in September 2015 when I’ve received mint scarf as a “Thank You” gift from the wedding of my friend in Kazakhstan. First, we went to the Big Almaty Lake and I took my new scarf with me, cos it was expected to be more chilly in the mountains … More The Scarf Story

Fruitful Stories

Did you ever think about how many of colors summer has? Look at the fruits. The variety of its colors incredible. Yellow, red, green, orange, black, violet, pink… What color of fruit is your summer story? Did you get one so far associations with fruit`s brightness? In response to weekly challenge – Cherry on the Top

Can I go backward?

You are wondering what opposite thing you can do in your daily life? Go backwards! talk to those with whom you are not communicating for years… Find your not finished artworks and continue working on them. Go back to the places you`ve been visiting frequently in past times. Call someone who might not wait for … More Can I go backward?

Blossoming of Lutsk

Spring in Ukraine should be my favorite season. Everyone knows about Japanese Sakura blossom, but I think that when Ukrainian trees start to blossom it might be as beautiful as this wonder in Japan. After I came back to Lutsk from another place I felt this strong aroma of cherries blossoming in my city. It … More Blossoming of Lutsk