Reason to visit Ukraine ウクライナ 

Japanese guy is sharing his thoughts about visiting Ukraine. “I didn’t know that much about Ukraine. If to Google ウクライナ (Ukraine) we will get “ウクライナ 美女” which means “Ukraine – beautiful woman”. This is the first suggestion Google offers to Japanese people about Ukraine…” … More Reason to visit Ukraine ウクライナ 

Ukrainian Party

05.02. (Sunday)   This was the first time for Ukraine to be a part of global program Ship for World Youth Leaders, so we didn’t have the right to fail – we had to arrange the best party ever! Since the delegation of Ukraine was formed, we have started to work on the national presentation. … More Ukrainian Party

The Scarf Story

The photo with a story. The scarf story started in September 2015 when I’ve received mint scarf as a “Thank You” gift from the wedding of my friend in Kazakhstan. First, we went to the Big Almaty Lake and I took my new scarf with me, cos it was expected to be more chilly in the mountains … More The Scarf Story