Travel Kitty

I don’t really remember how many years ago I went to the seaside just to relax and doing nothing like this week. Basically all my travels connects with art projects, so it’s quite hard to settle down for some days and enjoying the beauty of the sea or ocean side. This year we had a … More Travel Kitty

Let’s make Fun?

This week I was stuck with the ideas of what is fun? Is it just something which gives us pleasure? joy? Than why people say: “you are funny?” Does it mean that a “funny person” shares joy, happiness? Can it be someone who is sharing sarcastic stories about the other’s experience? I really wanted to … More Let’s make Fun?

The sandal’s story

I was never thinking to share this story on my blog, but the weekly photo challenge topic “Morning” made me share something which happened to me in Portugal. We were living in the preservation area Terra Chaos in the mountains. It was a bit high so every day I could observe beautiful green trees of … More The sandal’s story

The path to Wonderland

There is narrow hard to go through path to each of the wonderlands. If you want to discover something incredible – try to deal with this way. By the way, mostly all the time it is really beautiful way! In response to weekly photochallenge: Narrow

Fruitful Stories

Did you ever think about how many of colors summer has? Look at the fruits. The variety of its colors incredible. Yellow, red, green, orange, black, violet, pink… What color of fruit is your summer story? Did you get one so far associations with fruit`s brightness? In response to weekly challenge – Cherry on the Top