Why people escape to the mountains

DSC_6775In Ukraine we have very beautiful mountains with the highest top of 2061 m (mountain Hoverla). We call these mountains – the Carpathians. Virgin nature, hospitable local people are always welcome visitors for hiking, or just breathing the fresh mountain air.
I was dreaming for climbing green Carpathian mountains for half a year already and my dream was so big that in the recent month, I’ve managed to go there twice and conquer one of the highest tops of Carpathian mountains – mountain Pip Ivan (2022m).
The way to the top of Pip Ivan is not the easiest one, it’s way more tough than to climb m. Hovera which counts as a highest top of the Chornohora range (the highest part of Carpathians). The path to the top lasts 9 km and we have managed to make it in 4 hours. On our way there were lots of beautiful places and so far as we were group of photographers we stopped frequently to make some remarkable images.


In this post I would like to share with you not only the photos of beautiful Ukrainian mountains, but the positive effect a person could get while hiking.
  1. Feel the silence. This is one of the most important factors why do people climb the mountains. Discussions in our heads are never stop. Our brain works over thousands of thought in a while and you have to hear those trashy things all the time. While climbing the mountain your brain (finally!) gets a rest and what you can hear in your head now – is silence, which opens your mind to concentrate on the process of ascent, to enjoy the sounds of the forest and animals on the way, to observe your breathe.. in one word – to be present.


  2. Be present. Usually we do things automatically, without our actual involving into the process. It’s like we are doing things here, but our mind walks somewhere far away. In the mountains your mind stays with you and allows you to enjoy this perfect moment at the fullest.


  3. Breathe. Do you know any other place where the air is so clear and tasty to breath except of mountain hills?


  4. Get totally amazed. The views on the way will totally blow your mind. The higher you get – the more beauty you will see. And you feel it with your heart that this is pure love – you love the nature and the nature loves you, as it shares with you all these beauties.


  5. Find inspiration. Mountains inspire! And I don’t need to say more words here, just try and you will see, how far your mountain’s inspiration could drives you.


  6. Train the muscles. Well, climbing the mountain will replace you 10 hours of working out in the gym. But if to follow the instructions and have short but regular rests while hiking, you won’t feel pain in your muscles.


  7. Touch the cloud. This is wonderful feeling when you are on the top of the mountain covered  with the cloud. You are not only touch the cloud, you become a part of the cloud – this white and fluffy phenomena which seems like a cotton candy.


If only, you would like to visit Ukrainian mountains, I would gladly guide you and climb the tops together. This is the place which calls you back, always.
P.S. did you ever try hiking? Was it in your country?






3 thoughts on “Why people escape to the mountains

  1. Lovely. We have lots of hiking places in Jaipur. They are not huge mountains rather a part of the oldest hill range called Aravali. We trek often. I have written Quite a few times on my blog as well.


  2. These are such lovely photos of your hike up the mountains! I love your point about appreciating and feeling the silence. Silence is so peaceful and it is so hard to experience that if we work in the city. With silence, we can learn to listen to our own thoughts and admit honest reflections. Here in Australia we do have quite a few mountains to hike, and some of them you can go and hike in a day, like a day trip – a nice quick break away from the daily madness of life 🙂

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