7 facts about Darmstadt

DSC_4753Darmstadt is a city of science. There are a lot of students not only from Germany but from all over the world. It makes this place international but at the same time cause a problem of extremely expensive housing rental, as long as demand of apartments is pretty high here. Perhaps, this is the only minus of living in Darmstadt, you will have much more privileges while giving here:
1) Safety – is the 1st priority! Every room in your apartment should have a smoke detector and it’s obligatory to check if it’s working frequently.




My friend shared with me a story when her plant somehow fell out from her window and made a hole in the plastic roof of the lower level. The price of the new pice of plastic is around 30 Euro, but to replace it you have to pay 2000 Euro. Good question, what for??? According to safety technique it is obligatory to build scaffolding to replace a piece plastic which is more easily to replace from the window, and also you have to pay for every worker for their working hours. But there are good news! Usually people here make insurance from damaging someone’s property, so my friend did’t pay 2000 EUR, cos insurance office paid all expenses.


2) “Sperrmüll” (bulky waste) – the way German people get rid of things they don’t need any more. While walking on the streets you can found here a lot of good stuff for your home, even 📺, washing machine or fridge and you are more than welcome to take it with you for freeIn the city of Darmstadt there are many of students who actually furnished the whole apartment with the items from the streets.


3) If you are looking for a boyfriend – this is the best city for research, cos this is a city of students where most of the faculties have technical majors, thats why there are more men than women. People say there are 10 men  for 1 woman, so no girl will be without a pair on the disco.


4) Btw, Government encourage people to get married and give birth to babies. If you have created a family – you will pay less taxes, as like you are paying for one person, instead of 2, and if you’ve got a baby – you will get governmental support as well.


5) According to it’s territory Darmstadt is not big. You can reach any place in 10-15 min, and to cross the whole city will take you around 20 min by bicycle. But in this relatively small area you could find everything which is necessary for comfort living: a lot of beautiful parks, artificial lake with nice beach in the city centre, museums, leisure places and last but not least good work with competitive salary!


6) This is paradise for people who like warm weather. During summer time mandarines and even kiwi are growing here. There is a park with orangery which exposes different exotic plants in the open air during spring-autumn, among them palms and fruit trees.


7) One more privilege for those who lives in Darmstadt – they need only 20 min to reach one of the biggest international airports in Frankfurt am Main.


Overall, Darmstadt is very quit but full of life and comfortable for youth and older people. You will definitely feel yourself at home here. What privileges you have living in your city?




8 thoughts on “7 facts about Darmstadt

  1. Darmstadt sounds like such a cozy but peaceful city to live in. That is amazing that you can find TVs and fridges that work on the streets, and take it home with you! Never heard of such a thing and you can literally furnish your house for free lol 😂 Here in Australia you can’t find things like that on the street. But like Darmstadt, there are quite a few international students here and the housing around the university areas aren’t cheap at all. But on the plus side these accommodation are fairly close to places where you can hang out and grab good food 😊

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    1. Thank you for this information. Actually, same in Ukraine, you will never find some good things left on the streets like in Darmstadt. Usually people just sell it.

      In Germany it is much better for them just to give to the people, instead of renting a car to move the stuff.

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