Top gifts from 20 worldwide destinations

Just a few year ago I was obsessed by the idea that I definitely need to bring something from my travels. I was doing shopping during the last days of my stay and it was quite depressing to find gifts… My salvation came with the time I went to Morocco in 2013 and I didn’t have a single minute to buy souvenirs, so I just let this rule go – shopping is not obligatory while travelling.
But if someone from the countries I’ve been visiting would ask me what I want as a gift I made a special list of the most desired stuff from:
  • plum wine
  • cosmetics
  • matcha tea
  • kimono
    Japanese Kimono
  • brown cheese
  • recipe of apple crumble pie
    Trondheim, Norway
  • Converse
  • Reeses Chocolates
  • peanut butter
    Manhattan, USA
  • Many people would say “Maple Syrop”, but I don’t really want it)))
    Toronto, view from CN tower
.New Zealand.
  • 6$ wine (in Ukraine they sell it for 100$)
  • Cattbery chocolates
  • Mauri symbols
    Auckland, Ethnographic museum
  • a glass of warm Pacific ocean 😉
  • pineapples
    Suva, Fiji
  • happiness (as for the global rank Vanuatu was reported as the most happiest place)
  • pineapples and coconuts
  • corals from the ocean shore
    Port Vila, Vanuatu, on the local market 
  • grilled fresh fish
  • fresh peanuts (I couldn’t imagine they are so delicious)
  • samovar (;kidding), they have one of my favourite candies – peanut halva covered with chocolate
  • Beautiful takchita (traditional dress)
  • argan oil
  • shafran
  • Moroccan tea pot or lantern
    Без назви-1
    On the left, me wearing traditional Moroccan dress
  • “Guzlama”
  • baklava
  • some sing traditional like painted plates
    Istanbul, local market
  • something from IKEA store 😉
  • cheap and delicious milk chocolates
    Изображение 204
    Wroclaw, Poland
  • pear cider
    Parliament in Budapest, Hungary
  • return ticket to Almaty to see the beauties of this land again ❤
    2 (12)
    Mosque in Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • fresh fish
  • Portwein would be good as well
    2 (114)
    Obidus, Portugal
  • wafels
  • chocolates, but… I have to say that I like ukrainian chocolates more)
    Chocolate boutique in Brussels
  • macaroons
  • cheese
    Cheese boutique in Lille, France
  • wine
  • pome granat
    Tsahkadzor, Armenia
  • cheese Bri
  • Rittersport – my favourite square chocolate
  • jelly bears :0
    Berlin, Germany
  • milk products, they are really the best!
  • don’t really remember what I want to get from there, probably I will need to come back
    Belarusian perfect roads

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