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It has been a year already since my last trip abroad. Well, during that trip I have visited 5 exotic countries at once (Japan, Fiji, Vanuatu, New Zealand and Solomon Islands) and spent 30 days in the open ocean with the SWY program. Probably, this was my gap year to save some funds to continue travelling again.
D (121)
Grand Bazar in Marrakech, Morocco
I prefer to plan travel by myself, but of course before visiting new country I need some suggestions and basic knowledge about the destination place. There are lot of resources in the internet, but the one I would like to recommend is a community with people like you – addicted to travels and who are probably residing in the country you are going to visit, who will give you most precious support.
Paris, France
That is the reason why I love the GoWonder Community, it is a supportive community for women who travel with more than 50K members globally & their website ( has a library of resources to help you prepare for your next trip.
Norway (43)
Trondheim, Norway
Check it, subscribe and get ready for your next trip full of exciting openings and unforgettable adventures!
Almaty, Kazakhstan

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