12 things about New Zealand

What can you learn about far away island of New Zealand in 3 days? I would say that basically nothing =) This land has a lot of things to offer for someone who likes adventures and virgin nature, but it takes plenty of time to explore it in whole.

Being a part of SWY 29, we had a stop for 3 intensive days in Auckland, so what comes to my mind about Aotearoa (the Maori name of New Zealand) are the following:

  1. Weather changing. You could walk under the burning sun, but in few minutes the clouds and heavy rain could come from nowhere… You never knows if you’ll need an umbrella or not.

    Panorama of Auckland
  2. Diversity & equality, inclusiveness. Probably, this is one of the most safest space for difference among people. Local companies support minorities and offer them work regardless their sexual orientation, abilities, etc. Some of New Zealanders wear different socks on left and right feet, which is the way they support diversity.
    Kids at very diverse school


  3. Natural beauty. I was not impressed by the architecture of NZ, but the nature is truly the thing which matters here. I have to say, that Auckland is not the best place to enjoy New Zealand’s nature, but still – the views are stunning.
    Maori village close to Auckland


  4. Expensive. I will never survive here with Ukrainian salaries))) The average daily cheque from the dairy store is around 25$, while in Ukraine is only 1$. This is the most expensive place I’ve ever been, even Norway is less expensive )
    Port of Auckland
  5. Indigenous people. Historical owners of the island are Maori people. They gave the name for these land – Aotearoa. These people are real fighters for their lands and rights here and they are the one who cherish the historical and cultural heritage of this place.
    Maori symbols
  6. Traditions and culture. Thanks to this trip we’ve got to know a lot about NZ culture. When I saw the invitation of guests by Maori tribe and Kapa Haka I was about to cry… I can’t stop wondering the way these people value their traditions. This is something wonderful and I wish in Ukraine we could reborn the way our ancestors were treated the cultural values.
  7. Happiness & serenity. Local people looks serene and they keep saying that this is applicable to all New Zealanders. They call themselves happy people and this is noticeable.
  8. Cheap and tasty wine. Even if NZ is very expensive country you could buy some cheap and very delicious wine here. They produce it here, so probably that is the reason why it is so affordable and tasty.
  9. Global rating of best place for living. Before coming to Auckland, I knew nothing about New Zealand, but this place counted as one of the best for living. My classmate told me that before moving to Auckland. Btw I’ve got a chance to meet with her and this feeling was incredible – to meet your friend in such a far away lands.
  10. Hospitality. Aotearoa people are always glad to see foreigners, they accept everyone and share with you their happiness.
  11. Why sheep? “There are more sheep than human!” – the local joke says. Sheep farming is a significant industry in New Zealand. As for 2007 there were 39 million of sheep on the island. That’s why many of resources associates NZ with sheep.
  12. What is Kiwi? No, this is not about the fruit, this is international nick name of  New Zealanders. This name derives from the flightless bird Kiwi which is the national symbol of New Zealand.
Well, I am pretty sure this list could include more than 200 facts about this wonderful island in the Pacific Ocean, but for 3 days of stay – this is all I can say about Aotearoa. May be one day, I’ll get a chance to come back 😉

11 thoughts on “12 things about New Zealand

  1. So lucky you got to visit New Zealand. Three days sounds like a short time but seems you made the most of it. So nice to hear cultural diversity is embraced over there, and the mismatching socks is such a cool way to acknowledge that. Living here in Australia, we have a lot of Kiwis who live here and a lot of the time we hear nothing but good things about New Zealand. I also heard that things are expensive over there, but I think they are more expensive here in Australia – food, transport and really living here. But then again, we get paid higher too so that probably evens it out compared to other parts of the world. Love that shot of the girl peeping through the windows. So cute 🙂


  2. What a beautiful place to visit and I liked reading your thoughts about it too. My boss went to NZ not long ago and is fairly well travelled; he said this is his favorite place so far!


  3. Hi Lidiia glad to see you blogging again – missed you. You can certainly (and did) learn more about New Zealand in 3 days than no days! Among other things that it is expensive and beautiful. Unfortunately I must also inform you that I do not like you anymore as you get the oppurtunity to go all over the world! No Lidiia I am glad for you, just so long I can come along via the blog


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