Letter to Letter group H


I have a confession about one issue from the Ship world youth leaders (SWY). During the program all the participants were divided into different “letter” groups, which supposed to be our international family for 45 days of the SWY and after it as well if we’ll put effort to do so.
My “family” group is “H Letter” Group – “H Grupu – Beste Grupu!” 45 days passed until I understood what does “letter group” mean: it is not nothing more than just letters like: A,B,C,D…H, but it has much more as a unity of diverse people from 11 countries.





Kenny is looking for the dinner
I know how we are missing our experience during SWY and each of our H group family faces right now, so I’ve made this video to make all of you feel the presence of everyone at your place and in your heart.
I am not a good speaker/writer, but I can catch moments with my camera, so I tried to make a collection of our H group remarkable memories. Please enjoy =D
















I know that everyone from us was expecting to make a positive impact about the country you are representing and I want to say that because of You, I want to visit all your beautiful countries. You inspired me a lot and I am looking forward to see you somewhere in your countries or in Ukraine, where you are always welcome and have a place to stay!



Hugs and love from Ukraine,
Sincerely yours, Lidiia.





12 thoughts on “Letter to Letter group H

  1. It sounds like a wonderful journey of learning more about multiculturalism and seeing how each of us have our own strengths that we can share with each other. Love the shots of the guy with the two thumbs up – he looks so enthusiastic and so eager to be in the moment of the journey 🙂 I think you write and take photos very well, equally as good. There is something easy to understand and simple about how you present both your passion for unity in diversity and your images. All of them tell stories that need to be heard. Happy sailing and I look forward to more adventures on the ship 🙂

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    1. Thank you, dear, your comment is so inspiring for me. This is so true how much I am passionate about diversity. I want to know more about each culture and try to understand them, as well as share my culture. It is so beautiful that the world offers us so many things to be curious of.


      1. Thank you so much for writing about diversity. It is usually not one of the more popular topics written about, but it is such an important topic. Your experience on a sailing trip with the other delegates is such a unique experience. The more curious we are, the more we will learn 🙂 ❤

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      2. Thank you for reading it and I am glad you find the topic of diversity as interesting as I have. This is always a good issue to explore =D


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