Ship diaries (2/02 – 4/02)

2.02. (Thursday)

In the morning the administrative staff decided to continue the measures of isolation in order to prevent influenza spreading. That meant no party for tonight and everyone was needed to stay in their cabins. Well, I could understand that we have to think about the prevention of the disease, but on the other hand, it was obvious that 240 youth on one ship can’t stay aside of gathering, partying and making friends.


It was the 4th day of sailing and the gossips about newly created couples started to spread from room to room. I was sitting on the side deck watching the sunset and wondering how lovely the atmosphere here – just an ideal condition to fall in love with someone… It is such a great adventure for the single hearts who can completely dive into the love physics surrounded by the blue water of the ocean. But, it is always hard to say goodbye, and probably not see each other anymore… After such adventures usually people get empty promises and receive broken hearts. I really wish some of those couples will invite me as a photographer to their international wedding =)



Tip of the day: various small magnets, postcards, white boards will help you to organize your space and decorate the door of your cabin so it would be more recognizable.

03.02. (Friday)

Usually, I don’t watch TV at home, but since our cabins have TVset and the staff wants us to stay there as much as possible, because of influenza, the administrative staff decided to create a talent show for us and screen it directly in our rooms.


We had a temperature check 5 times per day and many of us were scared to have more than 36,9 C. If it appears that someone has 37 C and above – it might be the first indicator of influenza. Fortunately, or not, a digital thermometer was not that accurate and we usually had a fake warning.


It was the time when people started to get bored so much… there are so many things to do on the ship, but we were not allowed to walk with others to prevent influenza spreading. But for me, it was a great time to make photos…


It was 5th day of our sailing in the Pacific Ocean and 5 more days left before we are going to stop in Vanuatu Island.


Tip of the day: you might not find out a place to put the wet clothes in your cabin. So you’d rather take a rope which will help you to arrange your stuff inside the cabin.

4.02. (Saturday)


This day started early, cos we decided to meet sunrise on the ship. Have you ever meet the sunrise in the open sea? We didn’t so you could understand our excitement to get up at 5.15 and be ready to experience something extremely beautiful – the way the sun rises from the bottom of the ocean.


Our first assignment was to figure out which side of the ship is better to observe the sun, next assignment – to wait for the sun to come up.



While examining the ship we found out that our idea was not unique, so we met about 15 other people watching the morning sky. Some of them were sleeping on the deck, perhaps from yesterday.


We were waiting about 30 minutes, but the sky was cloudy and we couldn’t see the sunrise. So maybe we will try to implement this idea next time.


I thought of having some fresh air will keep me awake completely and I was about to run or do some morning exercises on the deck, but the air was hot with high humidity which made me fall asleep again. So my morning started at about 10 a.m. after the sunrise experience.
To make us stay in the cabins administrative staff offered us to play treasure hunting game around the ship. So we had to wait for someone to knock at our door and start the experience. They were so inventive – everything to prevent the pandemic on board.


Some Origami experience. Today I have a lesson from one of my roommates of how to make origami. We were making cranes from colorful papers and I’ve got to know that the crane “tsuru” (Japanese), is the symbol of peace. Japanese people believe if to make 1000 paper cranes and tie them together in one stripe your wish will come true… sick people will get better; and if to pray for those who passed away, their souls will rest in peace. There is a very sad story of Japanese girl Sadako Sasaki who made cranes to get healed from the disease. After the natural disasters in new Zealand and Fiji, Japanese participants decided to make this 1000 cranes.
After the natural disasters in new Zealand and Fiji, Japanese participants decided to make this 1000 cranes to give to these lands.


Tip of the day: if you want to relax and make something beautiful – do tsuru!


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  1. Awesome photos, dear Lidiia! Well, staying on a ship without being able to have fun is pretty hard, what a pity that there was flu, it can spoil everything!

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