The pre-departure expectations to SWY

dsc_0223The new year starts with preparations for the exciting journey to another part of the world where I’ve never been before. Being the national delegate from Ukraine to the Ship for youth leaders program which is organized and funded by Japanese Government give us opportunity to experience something new – to be the part of incredible cultural adventure.
Our trip will start on 16th of January and will be lasting for 45 days. During this period we will visit 4 countries, meet thousands of people and get out from the winter into the summer. (While in Ukraine is winter in New Zealand they have real summer.)
For the first 2 weeks we will stay in one of the most successful countries in the world Japan and will live in host families. According to google, Japanese people are very kind and hospitable and I am more that excited to check it by my own. My short wish-list for the stay in Japan includes: to eat the real sushi and to be one of those first people who meet the sunrise every morning.  I want to learn how to write my name in Japanese characters and build a short conversation in their language. I dare to make them know more about Ukraine and meet them soon in my country.
National delegates during the official photosession
The next month we will spend on the Ship surfing through the Pacific Ocean. Some people already know that one of my dreams is to visit all the oceans in the world and I haven’t visited the Pacific yet. We will have some stops on the Islands and we will have some activities in New Zealand and on Fiji in February during our sail.
Official uniform for delegates in national colors
There are so many things which are unknown and exciting in this journey, so I just hardly could fit in one sentence to express my expectations from this 1,5 month trip to far away lands. However, I’ve asked the other Ukrainian delegates to express their expectations in one sentence in order to compare what we were expected and what we will achieve from this trip. Let me be the first one to share:
I am waiting for the emotions and a dozen of inspiration for creating the art of sharing diversity, making international friendship and running exciting photo and video blog about the young people who are making changes to the global understanding.
PEAK equipment for great look
“I expect that Ship for world youth is going to be a space for new Ideas, a place to teach and learn. A Ship where we can dedicate ourselves to understand others leadership style as well as culture and cooperate later on.” – Rostyk Kybik
“We’ll get to know the bright future leaders from other countries-counterparts and establish strong connections;
 – we’ll learn more about Japan and Japanese culture and ways to cooperate in the future; – we’ll share our passion about Ukraine with other participants and tell more about our history, culture, way of living and our aspirations. Being the first participants from Ukraine – is a big honor fo us and we are going to work for being invited for future Programs, and being recognized as well-prepared and organized team” – Yaroslav Kucher
“SWY program is challenging: 45 days of exposure to complete different cultures, thus I expect to learn and to grow. I hope for an effective peer-to-peer exchange of expertise and practices on the vital matters. And of course finding new like-minded friends would be of a great value.”  – Alisa Berezutska
“I think the program will bring us many exciting moments both on the Ship and on the shore. But what I am particularly excited about is meeting so many great new people from different places at the same time in one place. Can’t wait!” – Zhernakov Mykhailo
Trying on the uniforms
“I expect SWY to be a valuable bridge between Ukraine, Japan, and all participating countries for further cooperation development, or just its successful start. Hope that our work in groups, discussions and common time on the ship will become strong friendships, memorable common moments and fun.” – Pavlo Kotenko
“When a person breathes air – it seems easy thing; when thin sprout of grain pushes through the thickness of the ground – it seems easy thing as well; when a ray of sun melts ice and spring comes – it does not seem difficult. I hope with my friends –  world youth leaders – solve difficult problems of mankind easily. Genius lies in simplicity.” – Iryna Vyshnevska
“From SWY I expect unexpectable adventures, a lot of new friends and useful experience. I want to contribute to this program and am sure it will help me to make a step forward in my personal development.” – Ievhen Kozin
“I expect to meet a lot of interesting people and find new opportunities for international cooperation to Ukraine” – Svitlana Yarova
“I don’t know what exactly expecting for…But, I know it will be a great experience, I will meet wonderful people, and two of my dreams will come true… I will see Japan – the motherland of Hayao Miyazaki, and New Zealand – motherland of Hobits)” – Andrew Dovhiy
“I`m looking for new inspiration and skills in our journey, for new connections and experiences in my non-profit areas. And you know, accidents are not accidental. I am sure that this trip will change everything, and it already began.” – Anna Bobino
“To my mind SWY 29 will make myself grow as a person. Also, this is a great opportunity to meet other cultures and traditions, to meet people with different mentality, distinct ways of life, experiences, ways of thinking, and personalities. It is a good chance to represent our country, to acquaint with our traditions and customs, to develop relations with all participant country.” – Anastasia Stasiuk.
Dream team Ukraine
Our team is facing many of challenges like almost all of us have never traveled on such a long distances by ship before. We will stay far away from our families and friends for 45 days and there will be no connection on board, which means no internet to share all the excitement from our program. However, we will have the connection during our stay in ports so I will try to update the diaries of the SWY Ukraine team with photos and videos. We are representing the Ukrainian youth and we want you to make sure we are doing it in a right way, so stay tuned with us!


6 thoughts on “The pre-departure expectations to SWY

  1. So nice to meet all of the other delegates! Sounds like a very enthused bunch. Happy and safe trip to Japan and then sailing the Pacific. All the way to New Zealand too 😊 The international friendship part sounds so cool – with friends come connections and with connections you can work to achieve anything 😊


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