What`s the mission of delegates?

Being a national delegate for Ship for World Youth Program is an important mission 12 Ukrainian representatives currently faced with. We still have 2 months to prepare everything for the long trip for learning new cultures and sharing about our beautiful and generous country Ukraine. It depends on us how will others understand what is Ukraine and who are the Ukrainians.


Ukraine is quite a big country – the biggest one in the whole Europe. Our delegates are residing in different corners of our country but for making great presentation we have met together in Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine) last weekend. We had a really tough schedule, cos we had to chose uniform, make photo session, prepare draft of national presentation.
fullsizerenderThanks to sport TM Peak all of us got trendy comfortable uniform for the trip which will highlight the Ukrainian Delegation among the other delegates. We will be bright! That’s all I can share for now regarding our outfit =D
Kyiv School of Photography kindly offered us a studio for photo shooting where we spent around 3 hours, but the main attraction for all the delegates was waiting us next day.



Rehearsal of national presentation started from group discussion where we tried to figure out the existing talents in the group. Well, we might be like, cos all of us has something to offer… actually, that’s why we are a team.



So, I think it’s high time to share who are in the Ukrainian National Delegation:
Wonderful tiny girl who is a strong personality Alisa Berezutska – representative of Kyiv City Administration. Her motivating and inspiring bio you could find here.
Super creative generator of ideas Andrew Dovgiy – a guy who is developing software and providing education. His bio.
Beautiful young lady who already has a diplomatic rank Anastasiya Stasiuk – Chief Advisor of Secretariat of Foreign Affairs Committee of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, get to know more about her you could here.
The most experienced user of Japanese language among all our group Pavlo Kotenko –  a member of public council of his hometown executive committee and together with colleagues, he is working on implementation of anticorruption measures in the local government. More about Pavlo.
Responsible and stylish Svitlana Yarova – the youngest member of Vinnytsia City Council, where she performs the role of Secretary of the Financial Planning Budget and Social & Economic Development Committee. Bio of Svitlana.
Ukrainian scout, representative of PLAST Rostislav Kubik – who is studying biochemistry to treat the life of many people. More about him here.
International student, full of energy  Ievgen Kozin – Student of Environmental Economics and Policy who currently won a scholarship to study in Prague. More about Ievgen.
Refined lady who has many of scientific publications Iryna Vyshnevska-Cherkas – real Ukrainian diplomat. Her bio.
The guy who is playing the guitar – Mykhailo Zhernakov – is a leading expert on judicial reform at the “Centre of Policy and Legal Reform” and a Board member of “Reanimation Package of Reforms”. More about him.
Talented and enthusiastic Anna Bobino – multipurpose journalist, operator, director and editor, representative of NGO sector. More about Anna.
Our national leader responsible and initiative Yaroslav Kucher – who is working at the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine leading several educational and social projects. National leader of UA Delegation. More about Yaroslav.
And the last one is Just me – Lidiia Kozhevnikova photographer and blogger of this lifestyle blog of Nice2beme. If you want to know more about me check this.
Here is a quick glimpse on the video teaser of what we did during the last weekend: 

18 thoughts on “What`s the mission of delegates?

  1. Wow, it does look fantastic! All the participants are such bright people. I think it will be something special! I am very proud of this team and proud of knowing you as well! Many luck, dear Lidia!

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  2. Great job guys!)
    I like things you do.
    Hope you’ll represent Ukraine 🇺🇦 on the world’s area best)
    Good luck and great emotions!)
    Waiting for your trip 📝)))

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What an amazing group of delegates, and all of you seem like a very energetic bunch. It is a pleasure to get to know all of them – everyone seems to have their own talents, strengths and personalities. That is probably what will make your group work together so well, and hope all of you will get to know each other well. Good luck with all the other rehearsals. Rehearsals can be fun as you can laugh at your mistakes and everyone can help you better yourself 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much ❤ We really believe that we could do our best to represent our country in the most creative and brightest way. Unfortunately, not everyone knows where is Ukraine and what`s it this country, so we have really important mission – to make Ukraine more visible on the global map =D At least for 250 people we are gonna meet on the Ship.

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      1. All the best Lidiia! I think you should just focus on your trip and come back with good memories….and some pictures too! 😉

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  4. its a new journey to sail with 240 youth leaders coming from different countries…and this is the place for new beginning and to share the culture, friendship and on top of that you guys getting in to the SWY family…..
    Congrats for all the Ukrain delegation members…this is the time to show your talents to entire worlds….wishing you all the very best…………………..
    SWY27…Sri Lanka

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Chamal! We are really glad to become a part of SWY family! This is the first time ukraine will get on board and we are more than excited! All the best to you and your beautiful country!


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