Empowered to believe in miracles

I think I got the idea why people start to believe in miracles in winter more than during the other seasons….
Just imagine, cold and nasty November which makes you need additional warmth and mostly all the time you are thinking about fluffy cats by your side who could warm you up a bit, and delicious sweet cacao while watching the romantic movie wearing wooden socks under the blanket…


One day you wake up and notice something truly amazing through the window. The Kingdom of a Snow-white came to your place… no more grey and nasty streets – everything from the top of the trees to the ground covered with snow.


Such a vivid transformation of the season we could see only in winter… The spring comes slowly and then slightly turns into summer… you will not see immediate falling of red and yellow leaves in autumn – the nature will paint the trees with autumn colours step by step… but when winter comes it happens in a moment. Yesterday the lonely trees and streets had no colour except of grey & black tones and in the morning – everything turned into white fairy-tale. Isn’t it a miracle?




I’m so sorry for those who haven’t seen the snow in their lives or those who can’t see it every year…I wish all of you have real snowy winter at least once in 5 years because it is winter magic which everyone deserves to see.


I think this wonderful season transformation makes people dream bigger and empower them to believe in the miracle. This is such a coincidence that we are celebrating Christmas and the New Year during the winter. Christmas is a holiday which is one of the biggest miracles of Christian world that makes people believe in good things and become better human.




This year I was so lucky to meet the first snow in Ukrainian mountains – the Carpathian. I’ve spent 3 days in a small city of Slavsko in Lviv region. This place is just starts to develop as a touristic destination. Snow on the streets is wonderful but winter mountains are just breathtaking. I didn’t have enough time for snowboarding but make small hiking and doing photographs brought me unconditional harmony.




May be one of my perfect moments during this short trip was setting next to the fireplace at the hotel reception and watching the snow fall through huge french windows.


This post could be my contribution to the weekly photo challenge Magic because if you haven’t mention it yet – snow is a set of milliards or billions of tiny beautiful snowflakes and each of them is unique. Isn’t it a magic?

18 thoughts on “Empowered to believe in miracles

  1. What a fantastic photo of that ever so long scarf breezing away. Snow does make life feel more magic and now that I think of it, winter feels more magic than any other season.

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  2. Wow! Awesome and many more compliments! I know this place, I have been there at spring and I steel see it in my dreams. This is really a small village, not so popular yet, but charming. Mountain views there are breathtaking. I even made one of my first films there. This place inspire me and there I felt so happy! Thank you for presenting a unique chance to see it covered with snow. You are so talented!💗

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    1. Thank you for sharing Ann. That was my first time in Slavsko and I was so lucky to meet the snow there. I hope you would be able to come back to this place in winter time too and shoot another brilliant video ❤

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  3. Beautiful that you got to see the first snow in Ukraine. It looks like a wonderland there. I actually have not experienced snow in my life, but to me that is okay because I prefer warm weather! It is almost summer here in Australia and I am a bit disappointed it is still quite cool.

    But from photos, I agree snow and winter is beautiful. Not just the hot chocolate but the peace and quiet that usually comes with it. I hope you enjoy it this year 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your comment and I have to admit that I also like warm weather =) Winter is beautiful when it’s frosty and snowy, but here we usually have nasty days with melting snow =/ That’s why I really enjoy the moments with this perfect snow images ❤

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  4. Beautiful post and photographs… By the way, they say that snowflakes might have fractals… which are somehow linked to Infinite! Happy holidays to you😀


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