National Delegate to SWY

DCIM100GOPROSomehow I feel that I could be a great Diplomat – professional and tolerant representative of my country. Unfortunately, I don’t have a relevant education to occupy such a position in Ukraine legally, but no one can stop me from doing this on voluntary basis =D This is one of the reasons why I applied to become a part of Ukrainian delegation on Ship for World Youth Leaders in Japan.
What is SWY? This is youth program “Ship for World Youth Leaders” which is organizing  by Japanese government every year since 1988. The program involves youth from Japan and other countries from all over the world. In 2017 Ukraine will participate for the 1st time in SWY 29th. Among Ukrainian delegation, on the 29th SWY will be participating youth delegates from Canada, Brazil, Tonga, New Zealand, Kenya, India, Fiji, Costa Rica, Egypt and Japan. We are going to live together on board of the Ship where we would be able to study and discuss common issues from a global perspective and participate in other various activities that involve multi-cultural and multinational exchange opportunities.
“The program aims at establishing networks and promoting joint activities among youths around the world through providing, as the concrete and practical opportunity, the cohabitation and the joint activity on the board of the “Ship for World Youth”, which is the epitome of international society with wide variety of cultures and ideas, to make  visible international contribution from the perspective of human resource development.”
To participate I was needed to make motivation video why do I want to become a national delegate, so here you can watch why =)
After the jury made the choice of potential candidates with the help of motivation videos, 26 of us were invited for the individual interview at the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine.
It was my 1st interview in around 5 years. I don’t really remember when I was interviewed before, so it was kind of novelty for me. First things went smooth and fine, cos I was the first one to speak with the interviewers among all my colleagues. But due to that fact, I spent the night on the train and woke up at 5 a.m. I felt exhausted and disappointed at the end of the day…
Suddenly, one of the potential candidates found an origami bird in his bag and gave it to me. I think it’s not necessary to explain what is origami and how it is connected to Japan, which is the venue place for the SWY, but this small gift immediately created a smile on my face.


A quick thought came to my mind: “maybe it’s a symbol, that I would become a part of the national delegation? ” Well, I went home and continued working and living my usual life waiting for the results of the interview.
To summer up my way to become a national delegate: 2 nights spent in trains, 2 days of 5a.m. awakenings, 20 hrs of non-stop energy, hungry kitty left at home, faded modesty in front of 7 interviewers – everything to win a chance to represent Ukraine as a part of national youth leaders’ team.
I think I did my best… And here we go, I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be part of Ukrainian delegation on the Ship for World Youth Leaders.
Now our delegation has a lot of preparation work to promote Ukraine and represent youth needs and talents on board of the International Ship.
My mission on board is not only to be great Ukrainian representative but also I became an official blogger of Ukrainian delegation to Ship of World Youth Leaders 2017 and here I would share all our adventures and mission of youth who share cultures and build connection bridges.

18 thoughts on “National Delegate to SWY

  1. Congrats on the appointment for being a national delegate for Ukraine! It sounds like such a long road to get there but you put in so much work, and it paid off 🙂 Very proud of you. Now to put your skills to use on the bigger stage and hope the cruise ship goes well. I am sure you will also be great for the blogger role as you already have a lovely blog here and also write photography articles elsewhere 🙂

    Good luck with your adventures and looking forward to hearing about them 🙂

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  2. Wow, congratulations! I am so proud of knowing you, dear Lidia! You seem to be a person who knows what she wants! I am sure that such Ukrainians like you can change our country for the better! You are the best Ambassador! You do not need education to demonstrate that Ukraine is a wonderful country! I wish you many luck! Looking forward to reading your posts on this issue! Hugs!
    You’ve prepared a fantastic video, a very inspiring one!

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