5 tips for international reunion

I might be the lucky one to have friends in different countries and continents, but sometimes it could be so sad that we can’t just go for a walk together, drink a cup of cocoa, talk face to face… For some reason, the more far away your friend is residing – the more you missing him/her. The tickets cost quite a lot and to visit some countries you need a visa, to get which might take plenty of time and nervous. So you might postpone the idea of a reunion for the “better times”… when you will be an old granny/grandpa and forgot everything which was tying you together)))
So, there is always the way to achieve something you really want, and here I am sharing 5 tips on how to finally meet up with your old good friends from all over the world. All the tips were tested by my own and believe me – that works perfectly =)
1. Apply to a youth exchange together with your international friend.
Nowadays, we are so lucky to have many opportunities to travel and learn something new. Such platforms as Salto, Mladinfo are offering a lot of programs where you can apply with your friend to get selected and get paid for your transfer. Some programs could cover all the expenses for the selected participants. So, steps to do:
  • choose the preferred program (youth exchange, conference, forum, etc)
  • check if participants from your country and from the country of your friend are eligible to apply
  • fill the application form together via Skype. Usually they are looking for semi-minded participants, so if they will notice two more or less similar applications from different countries, you will have more chances to be selected together.
My experience: in 2014 together with my friend from Kazakhstan Altynay, we were participating in Peace Education for youth program in Istanbul. Organisation committee  was surprised that we are friends and we got selected together, cos as they told us, there were quite a lot applications from both of our countries, but they choose only 2 of us. Well, we really wanted to meet up and we full-filled the application together via Skype.
Ukraine-Kazakhstan-Morocco reunion in Istanbul
2. Create your own project.
If you have enough skills or confidence that you can do it – organise your own youth gathering in your country or become a project partner abroad, where you would be able to invite your friend as a participant or may be as a facilitator of the activity.
There are plenty of available grants which could fund youth initiatives or art projects, where you can apply as a part of organisation and not only make a reunion with your international friends, but also make useful social intervention into youth sector of international community.
My experience: my idea was to create art project “W.E.Art” (Women Empowerment through Photography) the idea of which is to compare women who inspire from different backgrounds and to prove that regardless race, religion, cultural differences we all could do wonderful things and inspire others to do something great.
Currently, I’m on the way with my NGO to create international cultural exchange in Ukraine, where youth people from different countries could participate, and where I can invite as a speakers some of my international friends, who are professionals in working with youth.
W.E.Art (Women Empowerment through Art)
3. Get married
Well, this is kind of manipulation, but as soon as it works to achieve a sweet reunion give it a try =D While planning the important event, milestone, special occasion in your life invite your international friends. You might be surprised to see how much they can do just to be together with you on a special day!
My experience: We had just a small party for my wedding, but friends from Kazakhstan and Morocco were present on it. That was a special long and a bit nervous story how I made the invitation to a Moroccan friend, but at the end it worked and he was in my city wearing two beautiful dresses: traditional Moroccan male dress for special occasions and fancy smoking. Also my friends from all parts of Ukraine came to share the happiness and magic of my special day.
Since 4 months, my friend from Kazakhstan, Altynay invited me to her weddings in Almaty, and regardless the high price of airfare, I can’t allow myself a thought that I could miss this special day. I pack a backpack as a cabin luggage(cos there were no baggage in my tickets) and went to Kazakhstan for 2 weeks =)
My wedding with my International/national bridesmaids
Friends from Morocco, Kazakhstan and other Ukrainian parts on my wedding
Wedding of my dear Alty in Kazakhstan
4. Apply for a travel grant
If you are an artist you could apply for travel grant to visit the country where your friends living and to make the art project. Here you will have 2 of motivations: making exclusive artistic initiative; 2) will finally make a reunion =) And of course your friends will help to implement your project in their country. I can share with you 2 of travel grants:
  1. Step Beyond Grant by European Cultural Foundation (has limited number of countries who can participate, basically Europe, MENA region and Caucasus). The program has funds limits, which depends on the country you are travelling to, but from my experience it is more than enough. This grant could cover your travel, visa and other related expenses.
  2. Prince Clause Foundation. You could go to any of the country and they will cover your tickets only.
Important fact to keep in mind – you will need to pay for your travel by your own expenses. The travel grants will reimburse you money after your final report on the project.
My experience: in 2015 my team went to Morocco to implement W.E.Art project. We have visited different cities and villages and meet with many of our friends who helped us to find connections and right people to implement our project.
Meeting with friends in Meekness
In Moulay Idriss while working on the project
5. Go to vacations!
Perhaps, you were working hard during the year, so why not to take a vacation and visit the country where you’ve never been before? Or where you’ve been once, but come back and see what have changed?
Come to your friend’s country, celebrate special national holidays, explore the culture, the hospitality of natives, cuisine, architecture, nature, drinks, clubs… and many other of exiting things which you don’t have at your place.
You deserve to celebrate national holiday with your friends in new country!
My experience: me and my Ukrainian friends were hosting our Moroccans for the New Year celebration in 2014 and 2016. It was so exciting to see how people from another culture are enjoying traditional Ukrainian celebration of the New Year. That was unforgettable experience for us and our international friends!
New Year 2014 in Kyiv with Soufian(ushka) (Morocco)
New Year 2016 in Kyiv with Othman(ushka) (Morocco)
And the last, but not least, to make the reunion you need to want it so much, dream about it just finally make it! Love your friends, they deserve it ❤
Do you have something to add? I would love to here some more opportunities how can we make a reunion.

10 thoughts on “5 tips for international reunion

  1. Such a happy post about reuniting with your friends all over! It is sometimes hard to meet up because it costs money to travel and we are not all millionaires. I like your suggestions of youth exchange and creating your own project. Genuinely I believe we all are all nice and kind, and wouldn’t mind to help each other out when we share the same interests and values. Birthdays area also another good way to come together, make the time to meet the other person and hang out. Also, maybe if someone achieved something big like their graduation or maybe have a book launch 😀

    Also, holiday season is a good way to catch up. Your friends are more likely to have the time to come and catch up 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are right, it is always a holiday when you meet up with a friend but more likely to reunite – is to set up a date of celebration the unique milestones in your life like graduation, marriage, book issue etc. I wish all of us have many of friends all over the world and have enough money to afford ourselves travel around the globe.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You are so creative, dear Lidia! I have also friends who live abroad and we try to keep in contact, they do visit me, but I travel to them most of my time. Unfortunately, I don’t deal with any projects, I am a bit depended on my working schedule and salary. However, I am eager to spend more time on my film projects. Every spare minute I try to spend with my camera.
    Wish you further lick and many brilliant projects with your foreign friends, Lidia!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you,Anna. Glad to hear that you have a reunion with your friends frequently=) This is great to have the opportunity to meet dear people somewhere abroad =) Wish a lot of nice ideas for your videos!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. what a lovely post Lidiia! what makes this post great is posting your own experiences!
    BTW, I didn’t know you’re married and you don’t look like! so a compliment for you …. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you =) Yes, sure I wanted to share my experience, cos when I mentioned once how did I managed to meet up with my Kazakh friend in Istanbul, people from Georgia said that it’s kind of life hack, so I decided to share these so called “lifehacks” with other to inspire for travel =)

      Liked by 1 person

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