Will expensive camera sharpen your masterpiece?


Does it really matter how much is your camera if the moment in front of it is priceless?


On the start of my career of wedding photographer some people used to asked me what camera I use? This question was a bit weird for me…Why they didn’t ask me to show my works instead of checking the equipment I use?


I think, many of beginners in photography have heard something like: “Nice pictures you made for me. You have a really good camera…” It’s like a slap in the face, to hear this, instead of “Thank you for good images”.


We have a joke about this phenomena in Ukraine. One of our national dishes is “Borsch” – a soup made of meat and beet. So the joke is about when someone says to a photographer: “Your pictures are so beautiful, you might have professional and very expensive camera…”  The photographer will answer, that it’s the same if someone will try your “Borsch”and say: “your “Borsch” is so yummy, you might have expensive professional stewpots to cook it… ” The moral of this joke is: do people really think that all the magic comes from the price of your equipment? What about the talent? Skills? Experience to make something wonderful with the help of ordinary tools?


Sure, I have to admit speaking about expensive cameras, it is way more easy to make a normal photo with upgraded pricy cameras, but it’s also possible to do the masterpiece with cheaper and older equipment… you just need to try a bit more, need to have some skills and experience of how to set up the shutter speed, auto-balance, ISO, aperture, etc…


Many of successful photographers make photos with their old cheap cameras, cell-phones… On the other hand you will find a lot of those who owns pretty expensive cameras with many of opportunities but use them in an “Auto” mode. If you are one of them welcome to read my blog post about some more settings of your DSLR camera.


I was hesitating of to buy a new camera or continue to use my old good Nikon D90. Of course this day will come when I’ll need to change it, but for now I could proudly say that this “granny” gives a lot of opportunities for me to make a perfect shot.


P.S. I was watching a movie about editor of the magazine who was talking with a photographer while he tried to make a photo of rare cheetah. The photographer noticed the animal through his camera with a zoom lens and asked editor to have a look on it. The editor was wondering why didn’t photographer make the photo of this rare animal, but showed it to him. Photographer answered: “Sometimes, it is important to make photos with your heart, not with your camera…”



23 thoughts on “Will expensive camera sharpen your masterpiece?

  1. I so agree with your perspective. It is not always about the camera, but how you use it. These photos of yours, and all over your blog, are so sharp, clear and stunning. All very well composed and you know your camera well 😉 I think a lot of the time people don’t realise what it takes to go into a good shot. It not not just about working the camera and knowing the settings to suit the conditions, but it is also about positioning, timing, waiting and a bit of luck. For most of my photos on my blog, I use a Canon G7 – it is a very portable camera and I love it, but I know one day I will need to upgrade just like you 😀

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    1. People don’t usually think how others do things, unless they are in the filed of their interest. I like the photos from your blog too, they are telling a story and very well suited to the texts. Sometimes you don’t even need the right composition – the story behind the picture will do it’s catchy magic for the eye of the observer…

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  2. Your blog post brought out an Old debate. I think if someone who has an good photographic eye can click good pictures with even point and shoot. Technology is merely a facilitator. Having a good Car with bad driver and having a bad Car witj God driver is not a same thing. we all know who’ll win at the end of the day. Also, more than the camera it’s the lens which matters. If you upgrade the lens keeping the same body, you’ll see a huge improvement.
    But it’s also true that sometimes you have to do things to convince customers, afterall you can’t always do the explaining with every prospect. In anycase you must be getting lots of referrals from existing customers.

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    1. I have to admit that the lens is playing a huge role here as well. Especially the glass they use inside. There are many of variants of cheap and more expensive lenses but the quality will be noticed by everyone.

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      1. It’s a great place to submit your post. you might get lucky and it might generate lot of new readers for your blog. Do submit other bloggers content too.

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      2. Thank you for this=) And thank you for letting me know about that site. I will try to figure out how it works and will do some submissions for sure =D

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      3. Great! Remember if you submit all your post, your account will be blocked. so submit content of other bloggers as well -the one you feel are worth reading by others. The system works better by helping each other 🙂

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  3. The funniest thing for me is the disappointment I see in peoples faces, especially those who have “good, expensive” cameras but not the eye to go along with it, when they find out that my camera is almost a decade old I haven’t upgraded any of my equipment in 5 years or more. That being said, I am starting to feel like maybe it’s time for an upgrade because the laws of physics are preventing me from making the photos that see in my mind… 🙂

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    1. Thank you for sharing. Yes, the laws of physics force us to do the upgrade… Also I am a bit scared what if my old camera will get out of order soon? (I think I’ve already overuse it’s capacity) In this case I’m surfing to find which camera to buy next, may be it will be Nikon D750.


  4. It makes me think a lot! I agree with you, a very good camera can only improve yout picture, but surely not the camera makes this perfect picture, but the photographer! It is really great when you can make a little masterpiece with a very common camera, it is a gift already!

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    1. Thank you, Anna for sharing your thoughts. I hope that earning the necessary skills about photography will give a lot of effort for the person while using any kind of the camera)

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  5. Very interesting topic. Having worked in photography for many years, working in a photography studio, working in a darkroom and selling cameras in a large camera store. Afforded me with a wealth of knowledge. When people first begin in photography they purchase a digital SLR camera with a basic normal lens. That pretty much limits their options and capability to open their creative ability. Yes you can get some great photos with basic point and shoot cameras. But you are very limited to a narrow scope of options. You soon want to move onto more challenging areas of photography. For years the standard bearer of the best in professional and serious amateur camera equipment has always been Nikon and Canon camera systems. Then the photographer could selection from the camera system the lenses and equipment that could best help them in their type of photography.

    So you would buy the camera body alone, then add to it the lenses you needed. For fashion model photography
    you would buy 80mm to 105mm lenses. These lenses have no linear distortion. Try taking a head and shoulder photo of a person using a normal 50mm lens, you get distortion of the face. Take the same photo with a long telephoto lens longer than 135mm the face is stretched out making the face look fuller. I found out early in my career that all the top fashion model photographers were using the 85mm to 105mm lenses. So it was the first lenses I bought many years ago. If you want professional looking photos you use the camera and lenses of the photography profession you wish to pursue.

    As a young man, I first bought an instamatic camera, and yes I got some very good creative images. But as I got more serious about photography I became frustrated at the limitations of the simple camera, I wanted a camera and lenses that could open whole new vistas for more creativity. SLR cameras wide angle lenses, telephoto lenses opened a whole new world to me. I bought an SLR camera with a ultra wide 20mm lens, it helped me create wild abstract images that were out of the capability of a normal lenses. My long 300mm lens made it possible for me to capture sporting events as good as magazine sports photographers. Added to this fast SLR camera shutter speeds up to 1/4000 of second opened up other optical worlds.

    Performer Paul Simon released a song many years ago called “Kodachrome.” The lyrics went “I got a Nikon camera I like to take the photographs, so Mama don’t take my Kodachrome away!” Kodachrome was the elite king of films. No other film could match it for brilliant colors and its 25 ASA sharpness. The amateur print film Kodacolor while good, could not even come close to Kodachrome. Those who used it like I, can testify to its amazing creative palette.

    Whenever I go to Niagara Falls I see tourist photographers making the horrible mistake of taking pictures of their family at high noon in the harsh sunlight. It’s the golden rule of photography for the best times to take photos of people. Two hours after sunrise or two hours before sunset. avoid the harsh noon sun or you will get dark butterfly shadows on your subject’s face, with either using a simple point and shoot camera or expensive camera. Light is the magic, its how you use the magic, how well you photos will turn out.

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    1. Thank you Ron for such a great addition for my thoughts. This is valuable experience of someone like you who is working in photography for many years. And I can’t agree more that apart of the equipment you use the light – is the magic wand which makes our pictures shine =)


  6. I know exactly the scene the quote is from! Ben Stiller as The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 🙂
    I do have an opinion as an amateur photographer on this topic. I think that timing is very important and keeping your eyes open for everything around you, and also knowing which angle is going to look better. Basically just playing and playing with your camera, and hard work editing. The camera is just a tool that makes our vision come to life…

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    1. Thank you for the comment and of figure it out from which film is the quote=) I really forgot the name of it, but it’s the film which worth watching twice =) And I can’t agree more that the camera is just a tool and how we use this tool is the art we create ❤

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