The Valley of Castles – Sharyn Canyon

2-182Another wonder of Kazakhstan which I was so excited to visit! This place is absolutely stunning. I just wonder why do they don’t shoot Hollywood films here =D The day is not enough to feel the essence of this place, which was formed by the care of wind and air during centuries.
Sharyn Canyon is a special place for the perfect shoots and I am so grateful that my dear friend Altynay brought me to see this beauty. To say that I was just impressed by the variety of Kazakh nature is to say nothing…
Below I’m sharing the short glimpse of the Canyon with GoPro camera and there are few perfect places for nice photos are featured.
Sharyn Canyon (Charyn Canyon) is a canyon on the Sharyn River in Kazakhstan, 200 kilometres east from Almaty, close to the Chinese border.



Actually that was a moment when I didn’t feel that China is a far away country any more… If to travel to China from Ukraine it will take quite a lot time, but here in Kazakhstan I was about to turn to the Chinese border instead of visiting another wonder of Kazakhstan.



The canyon has 90 kilometres in length. It is a part of the Sharyn National Park, which was established on 23 February 2004, and is located within the territory of the Uygur DistrictRaiymbek District and Enbekshikazakh District of the Almaty Province.



During hundreds of years the canyon has gained colorful formations of varying shapes and sizes. Though it is much smaller than the Grand Canyon in the USA, it is called as a smaller brother of it. 






The most famous part of the canyon is known as Valley of Castles for its unusual rock formations, and its length is 3 kilometres with a depth of 100 metres.





15 thoughts on “The Valley of Castles – Sharyn Canyon

  1. Lovely video with two beautiful ladies showing around!
    Of course I didn’t understand the conversation for it was not in English!
    Can you explain those two houses in the video? Looks like some sort of ethnic houses…

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    1. Thank you) These houses called yurt. This was a traditional home for Kazakh people who are nomads by their origin. These houses now basically used to attract tourists and have eco-friendly accommodation for the visitors.

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  2. Hi. The reason they don’t shoot Hollywood films there, probably because it looks similar to The Grand Canyon in the USA, that is only about a few hundred miles from Hollywood. The travel expenses would not make it logical to travel and bring an entire film crew to that location.

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    1. Hi, Ron, thanks for your comment. Of course you are right! It was just a joke. I haven’t seen the Grand Canyon, but people say that Charyn Canyon looks similar but way smaller =)


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