Blue Lagoon of Kazakhstan

11_0349There is one big blue pearl which is situated 28.5km south of Almaty up a gorge of the Bolshaya Almatinka River, 2,511m above sea level – Big Almaty Lake. Surrounded by the beauty of Alatau mountains (Tien Shan) the lake is used for both hydro electric power, and the water supply for the city, but this does not detract from the magnificent mountain scenery. The lake itself is about 1km wide and 1.6 km long, with a depth of about 40 meters.
It can be accessed by road or by foot, although a bus ride to the beginning of the assent, places you directly into the scenic area. One more option is to call a taxi. If you will order it in advance with the help of special taxi services or Uber you will pay around 6000 Tinge (18 $). The taxi driver will give you a ride to the Big Almaty Lake will wait for you up to 2 hours and than will drive you back to Almaty.
The lake looks like a blue lagoon from the paradise movies and during the year you could observe 50 shades of blue here. People say that each part of the year gives different colour to the lake… during the summer time it is completely blue, but closer to winter the lake will get green shade. During our stay near the lake which was lasting for 2 hours we experienced a variety of wonderful reflections on the blue water. Depending on the sun, we saw mountains, clouds, or just plain green-blue color of the lake, which took our breath away.
Well, I have to say that Big Almaty Lake was my first point of impression about Kazakhstan. The view is absolutely stunning and I started to love Kazakh land and treat as must see destination which is unfortunately not that popular among tourists. Here is a short video of all the excitement which the Almaty Lake could offer for the visitor and real fan of the nature:
The water is so seductive to swim in or at least to touch and try how warm and soft it is, but… it is not allowed here. It is natural preservation and if you’ll step closer to the lake the security guy will scream at you))
The inspiration of my trip to Big Almaty Lake was caused by the Tiffany colour scarf, which was a “thank you” present from the weddings of my friend Altynay. Actually that was the main reason I have visited Kazakhstan, but among the fancy traditional celebration I’ve discovered much more beautiful things about this country.
So if to go back to the story with the scarf, I think I got inspiration to make another “Scarf” photography project… anyway the colour of the scarf suits the colour of the lake so perfectly, isn’t it?
The way to the Big Almaty Lake is narrow curvy road which is not that easy to ride on if you are not an experienced driver… It was unexpectedly to meet a motorbiker in the mountains and we were so excited to make selfies with him and portraits of him and his motorbike with the background of Almaty Lake.
He arrived right in time, because we needed to make a photo of 3 of us, so we kindly asked him to help us and make the beautiful photo below 😉
Overall, we were so much excited about this picturesque place, so I would mark the Big Almaty Lake as “must visit” place ❤
And this week I’ll nominate this post for the weekly photo challenge H2O, cos it’s about water indeed ❤

25 thoughts on “Blue Lagoon of Kazakhstan

      1. You should wait for sometime. It’s a very sensitive place. With Pakistan exporting terrorists to Kashmir and causing trouble, it’s not always easy to visit. There are times when you should avoid the visit. So wait and watch. Also in such instances, airfare is cheapest. Right now Delhi -Srinagar airfare is just 100 dollar for return flight. It was never so cheap!

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      2. In my case last year it was around 2000 $ roundtrip from Ukraine. It is also because there is not good flight connections. And there was explosions in Kashmir, so people who already bought their tickets were needed to cancel their trips(

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      3. Whoa! Quit some money for tickets! In my experience provides cheapest connection information on routes. Check it out. Let me if there’s any alternative good option! 🙂

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      4. Yeah, that was the prices generated by sky scanner. I told you that it’s very expensive))) Well may be not 2000$, but around 1500$, it’s hard to say now in dollars, cos we have so unstable currency rate. During the last two years the U.S dollar rate increased in a twice amount

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      5. I know the political situation must have caused this problem. We have only marginal fluctuation against dollars for last 2-3 years.

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  1. This is a gorgeous lake! Your scarf idea is brilliant! I liked your go pro video, such pretty girls! Photography is stunning!

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    1. Thank you. Actually, I was not expacting something spectacular from Kazakhstan, but I have to admit that it is wonderful country with hospitable people and beautiful variable nature.

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