Kazakhstan – unexpected openings

Well, Kazakhstan was never in my must visit list, but 3 years ago I had a chance to meet Garna Kazakh Divchuna Altynay Raskali who became a very special friend in my life😘 We can’t go for a cup of coffee on the weekends or just go to do photo shootings, cos we are separated by thousands of km, or 6 hours of flight;) But when we meet together it’s unbelievable inspiration, creativity and excitement of talking to each other face to face =D and doing the craziest explorations with our cameras) During the last two weeks I was so lucky to be present on the special day of creating a new Family. I had a chance to experience local traditions, Kazakh hospitality and wonders of this outstanding country with it’s beautiful citizens, thanks to my friend Alty and her family. I would consider it as a quest of incredible adventure through my first Central Asian country visit.  I was impressed and can’t wait to share this impressions and beautiful photos on my blog. 
Almaty surrounded by Alatau Mountains (Tien Shan)
Some of traditional Kazakh stuff
So what I’ve got to know about Kazakh people is that they were nomads in the past times and were moving around the territory of today’s Kazakhstan. They are peaceful people who are talking in Kazakh and Russian languages and I have to mention that Kazakh language has nothing similar to Russian.
Basically all the Kazakh names have special meaning. For instance, the name of my friend Altynay means “Golden Moon”, the name Kurylay – “Big eyes like a deer has” – this is the name of a girl with big eyes.
Big Almaty Lake
Singing sands in natural preservation Altyn-Emel
They are eating horse meat in Kazakhstan! Something unusual for me, especially after getting to know that historically they were nomads and horse was one of the tribe’s treasure to move from one area to another. Well, I tried this meat, but I can’t tell there was some special taste…
Charyn Canyon close to Chinese border
Charyn Canyon
I was so lucky to see all the beauties of Kazakh wedding and the bride was my dear friend with whom we got acquainted in Morocco in 2013.  I got to know what is “Betashar” and “Saukile” but I will share it in dedicated post to the traditional weddings in Kazakhstan.
Big Mosque in Almaty
The religion here is Christianity and Islam. There are unique wooden Orthodox Cathedral in the centre of the Almaty and beautiful light-blue Mosque.
On the top of Chembulak ski resort (3200 m point)
I discovered so many wonders of the nature just in one Almaty region, so could’t stop making photos and GoPro videos) There was almost Chinese border, beautiful canyon, little desert between mountains and river, ski resort, high mountains and blue lagoon lakes… So many of new amazing photos are coming in the next posts about wonderful and impressing country of Kazakhstan.
Just GoPro selfie with Big Almaty Lake on the background
During this trip I made a lot of photos with baby GoPro and videos as well, even if our adventures where not that extremal =D The places we have visited are so amazing so I couldn’t stop myself to record videos and soon I’m gonna share them all here. For now have a look on a small trailer of the video from Kazakhstan:

15 thoughts on “Kazakhstan – unexpected openings

  1. Wow, I liked your video so much, can’t wait for the continuation. I even do not have enough adjectives to describe how much I liked your photos, they are fantastic. I can imagine why this country is not in tourist’s list, however, I do understand that it is not enough appreciated. It is a very beautiful country that suffers from ex-USSR effect as many of them. Hope one day foreign tourists will discover it. Your videos and posts are great ads for this mysterious country! Keep on shooting and clicking the rec button on your GoPro! Excellent work!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much Ann. Yaeh, there are so muany things to explore in Kazakhstan, they have neautiful language, culture and we are pritty common in our mentality.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Stunning pictures lidiia! …as always!
    Impressive place Almaty is..so scenic! What’s this baby gopro? Never heard about it!
    I really liked the selfie taken in front of mosque. Gopro?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kazakhstan looks beautiful from your lens. So nice of your friend over there to show you around, and what wonderful landscapes you got to see. I really like the scarf shots. Very creative, and very well timed. They look very natural and blend in with the surroundings so well. Looks like good weather too 🙂 Don’t blame you for using your camera a lot. If I were traveling I will always have my camera on the ready, on standby so I can capture the shot I want at the (hopefully) right time. And I always bring along spare batteries with me 😀

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Thank you so much ❤ Yeah I used GoPro for these particular photos and video in the post. There are really many of beautiful places there, I was really impressed… Local people say there is not that much to do in Almaty City, but the Almaty region will take your breath away and I have to admit that it's true =D

        Liked by 1 person

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