On the edge of the principles

In response to the weekly photochallange Edge I`ve reminded myself one funny story, when following my principles, let`s say playing on the edge of feelings and emotions I didn`t get what I want… 
I think I was about 17 years old when we went to the seaside with my aunt and other people who took their teen children with them, so I had a great company to hang out on the seaside. There is not a secret that the seaside air is so much inspiring to fall in love with someone… we met 3 boys, who were chilling out in this resort area, some of them were wisiting their relatives, others – came with their parents to the seaside just as we did. All of us wanted to have great time and find new friends or may be even romantic relations.
One of those guys was quite nice and I considered him to be handsom enough to think about kissing him. But of course I didn’t want to make the first steps, cos It was not in the list of my principles))) What I did, I started to flirt with his friend, trying to make the one I want be jeleous and make first steps towards me, but…
While I was flirting with another guy, my friend took an effort and made first steps to the guy which I liked (well I didn`t tell her that I like him, so she didn’t make something bad). They were dating during her stay in that resort. Such a failure from my side =D
Anyway, the day of my fail, was the last day on the seaside, so next day I went home and i didn’t like him that much =P
But here is the conclusion of the story: if you want to get something – take what you really want, not something which is chilling aside. While you are hesitating, someone will pick up the thing you want.

23 thoughts on “On the edge of the principles

  1. What a hilarious story! A good lesson to all of us. Your story recalled some seaside memories from teen years. I always considered going out to the seaside as a chance to meet new friends. I guess this is mostly due to the feeling that seaside at summer is a little island for romantic thoughts and ideas. Tell you in advance mostly I failed because I was indecisive and too shy, all my love adventured were a kind of fiasco. It is true we should always be brave enough to take what we really want. Easy to say than to do! I did not change much yet!
    Your photo works are adorable! Hugs!

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    1. Thank you Ann for sharing your thoughts. It is exactly what I was thinking about… It is hard to imagin the seaside vacations without a love story, at least in our imagination ❤ I am also too shy, that`s why I was pretending to use some manipulations 😉 but as you see it is not works properly sometimes ) Have a great day ❤

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  2. Ha ha! Looks like those old stories and fairy tales which we got to read when we were young only that it didn’t have happy ending. at the same time I’m feeling sad for you. I’m sure you’ll get much better ‘deal ‘
    It’s also a reminder that life is not always fair with us all the time and lessons to be learnt! 🙂


      1. we all know manipulation is not a good choice but than that’s how modern world works….at least that’s how it appears! Manipulators get ahead…sad reality! I’m sure something better is in store for you Lidiia! 🙂

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      2. That’s what almighty wants us to be – humans! I’m sure you are.. NGO you are into depicts your thoughts and deeds Lidiia! Great going…

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  3. There is a divine Law in the universe: “follow always your highest excitement, joy and love” – this is the way of the soul/the higher self/god/the Source. It communicates with us in the language of our excitement; and the universe blesses and protects those who follow it. This is the Golden Rule!

    Blessings to you,

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    1. Thank you Mark for sharing these words. They are truly amazing and i have to admit that this is true. Unfortunately, or may be fortunately at that young age I didn`t know this wisdom)


      1. Your experience was a excellent lesson 😛 you don’t need a man that make you whole… you are already whole… therefore there is no need to manipulate a man to make you whole. Maybe you know this great lines from Kahlil Gibran: „And think not you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course. Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself.“ we can’t control love and that’s exactly the beauty of it. Love is a extreme loss of control and a opening up to a higher consciousness, far beyond the rational mind and its egoic (fearbased) tendency to control.

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