25th anniversary of Ukraine

On 24th of August Ukraine celebrates it’s Independence Day. I am not that much into history, but I can say it for sure that we got Independence not for granted. Even now, we still have to struggle for our Independence and remind our people that this is something which needs to be valued and cherished.
This year I was so lucky to observe deploying of national 100 meters flag on the city beach of Chernomorsk (Odessa region). Wonderful black sea hosted many of tourist for this warm summer period who decided to join this symbolic event dedicated to 25th anniversary of our land.
Many of local citizens and tourists joined the activity in beautiful national embroideries, took the flag and went down the long stairs which leads people to the seaside.
Local dogs also decided to join the beautiful event launched by locals.
Our flag is beautiful, isn’t it? And it has significant meaning. The blue color means the sky and yellow – wheat fields, which Ukrainians are proud of.
Hundreds of people, colourful embroideries, 100 meter national flag and calm beautiful Black sea are all the components which made this day unforgettable ❤


25 thoughts on “25th anniversary of Ukraine

  1. Happy Independence Day! The Ukrainian flag does look so lovely, and your shots of the occasion are marvelous. A 100 meters long flag is indeed a long one, and so nice to see the event included so many people. Looks like everyone wanted to touch the flag 😀 That last shot is my favourite – a bit ominous, and the dark clouds hanging overhead is reminiscent of what you said early in your post about Ukranian having a hard past. Sometimes rebuilding and getting on your own feet takes time.

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  2. Wow this is amazing I must agree, for me this would have been unforgettable as well. Imagine the children’s experience of it. The Bee Gees has a song “when I was small and Christmas trees were tall” well this flag is long regardless of your age, but for the children it must have felt about a kilometer long! The striking and contrasting colours of the flag certainly make beautiful photos (with the camera in your hand).

    By the way Ukraine and South Africa both received 2 gold medals at Rio but Ukraine received 11 medals in total, while it certainly never was ‘n competition between the 2 countries you won this non-competition 🙂 Congratulations!

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    1. Thank you =) Yes watching all those people who cam to participate in the event was so nice. And the flag was really huge and the sea is so beautiful. Thank you for congratulations and this is so wonderful that our countries are connected with the sports ❤

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  3. Great post…true to your words as mentioned in context of Liberation day!
    100 meter flag is so innovative. Let me add something more!
    I like the color combination in Ukraine’s flag. Its so vibrant. Does this signify something. What’s the other flag- black and red in one of the pictures?
    I was drawn towards many people choosing to wear white clothes…is it convey something? peace? So you drove 800km for this event Lidiia?

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    1. Thank you =) As for the black and red flag I’m not sure what exactly it signifies, but this was the flag of Ukrainian defenders party called “Banderivtsy.”
      The white clothes is just the color of national shirts with embroydement. Usually women wear white embroidery, and now it is quite trendy for men to wear black shirt with embroidery.

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      1. Wow! I think the white clothes kind of completed setting for this celebration. In India, white signifies peace. It’s also chosen color when you attend funeral or related events. this is in stark contrast from Christian practice of wearing Black on this occasion.

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      2. Yes, I see. Actually may be the white color of the Embroeyeded shirt had some significant meaning in the past, but now it is not that specified.

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  4. Even if it is in late, happy anniversary Ukraine 😙 I wish the best for this beautiful country, in the hope one day I can come to visit there 😁

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    1. Thank you so much, Michel! And i can’t agree that the last photo is my favourite too. It was made with go pro and signifies so much for me as an observer of some beutifull things connected to my country.


  5. Ukraine has a beautiful flag.im biased though, because my country’s flag (Barbados), has blue and yellow in it too. I hope Ukraine can maintain its independence. Your photos are pretty; especially with all of the smiling children.

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    1. Thank you for sharing and your nice words! I didn’t know your flag before this comment and yeah, we have similar colours, i just wonder what is the meaning of the colours on your flag?

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