Travel Kitty

I don’t really remember how many years ago I went to the seaside just to relax and doing nothing like this week. Basically all my travels connects with art projects, so it’s quite hard to settle down for some days and enjoying the beauty of the sea or ocean side. This year we had a unique traveller with us – brave and curious kitty Milka who is 5 months old.
At the beginning of our travel she was shocked and breathing hardly with her little tongue outside her mouth, so I was a bit scared about her… May be it was just too hot outside for Milka and due her shock she didn’t want to drink water.
Later she has realised that the best way to deal with the long road of about 800km is to sleep on the laps of other travellers and she did it successfully letting us to enjoy the way to Odessa without worries about our little kitty.
When we arrived to our destination place – to the seaside, Milka felt herself pretty good, she was posing for me as she was a driver of the car;)


It was first time travelling with a cat, that’s why i consider it as something which could happen quite rarely. Usually I can see dogs travelling with the owners, but cats in the car without this special transportation cage is something new for me.
Specially for weekly photo challenge on the topic Rare

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