Let’s make Fun?

This week I was stuck with the ideas of what is fun? Is it just something which gives us pleasure? joy? Than why people say: “you are funny?” Does it mean that a “funny person” shares joy, happiness? Can it be someone who is sharing sarcastic stories about the other’s experience?
I really wanted to take this assignment as an exercise for personal growth as photographer, but I am confused now, because the meaning of “fun” has so many angles so I don’t really know from where to start. So I came up with the 10 things which could bring fun to the ordinary day in the city:
1) Meet the sunrise from your window and experience the colours of the clouds in the sky, write down the colours somewhere.
2) Try to dress up using only the colours you’ve wrote down from the 1 assignment (probably blue, white, pink, yellow). Make other’s feel there is a “rainbow” in the city 😉
3) Put on your favourite music and dance in front of the mirror instead of doing morning exercise. It’s way more funny.
4) Plan something exciting for the next month – like travel to another part of the world (in my case – Asia).


5) Bake a cake. Even if you have never did it before. There are a lot of easy to do recipes in the Internet, so try to make fun for others with your baking talent.
6) Call a friend and try to remind the funniest story you had together. I think here you would laugh a lot, while reminding something from the past times, or even from yesterday. (for instance, a friend of mine, when we went to our first serious disco, fell asleep in the toilet, while everyone was looking for underaged girl in the whole building… )


7) You can also go to the zoo and just watch the way animals doing their daily routine. It’s pretty funny and you can find many of similarities with us…
8) If you have a pet at home, you don’t need to go to the zoo, just watch your smaller roommate doing some weird stuff.
1 (162)
9) Watch the sunset from the roof of high building (the higher – the better, but in my city the highest option is 16 storied building).
10) If it’s warm outside, lay down on the grass and watch the stars. May be one of them will decide to fall so you could make a wish ❤

As a conclusion, you don’t need to have a lot of money, crazy friends or sick imagination to have fun… Fun is everywhere, open your fridge and you might find funny forgotten stinky cheese, which expired 3 months ago… It could make you furious about your roommate, or it may bring you a lot of fun, it’s just about your attitude and acceptance of things around. Let’s make fun – it’s better for our health!

In respond to weekly photo challenge Fun.

27 thoughts on “Let’s make Fun?

  1. You are so right, dear Lidia! I can add that having fun means doing what you like! Photos are professional, bright and fabulous!

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    1. That’s is much true! It is always a fun to do what you like, even you have a taught schedule, it still fun as long as you are doing things from your heart ❤

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  2. Lovely take on fun lidiia! Your pictures are marvellous. specially the second one, with two dresses juxtaposed together. you are excellent Photographer!

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  3. Love your list of fun. Have to agree with them all, and I can see a sense of humour coming through your words. Haha, you never know what kind of food you can discover in the fridge especially if you haven’t cleaned it out for a while. For me, I really like digging through my fridge and discovering that bar of chocolate I stashed there and forgot about and hiding behind all the veggies or cartoons of eggs. How the bars of chocolate were hiding, I don’t know. They juts don’t want to be eaten 😀

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    1. Wow, that’s kind of surprise – to find a chocolate bar=) I wish it could happen to me, but I’m such a chocoholic, that I can easily find money in pockets of old jeans than a chocolate hidden somewhere 😉

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  4. Let’s make fun?….you left out the most fun experience…making love…sex. It is how we are all alive and here!

    Fun for a man is meeting a wonderful, beautiful woman and sharing intimate loving experiences with her. Seeing her smile because you gave a present to her and showed her you care. Feeling the warmth of her loving curvaceous body close to yours. Having a candle light dinner with her, watching the dancing of the candle light flame light reflecting the sexy sparkle in her lovely loving eyes, as she tilts her head, smiles at you, letting you know of the fun exciting, sexual experiences that you will share with her later that night.

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    1. Thank you, Ron, for sharing your thoughts. Sure, to spend time with the one you love or passionate about is real fun. Just sometimes we can’t be together, because of the distance, work and some other stuff. But this is fun indeed and we need to value and appreciate each of those moments ❤


      1. Looking at this again the girl geese photo is actually very nice in the context of composition and interesting subject matter, which you also cannot control to pose for a photo

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  5. Yes I agree Lidiia, when those who are close, are away from one another, we then have only our fantasies in our minds of the passionate pleasures we could be sharing.

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  6. Hey Lidiia! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I’m glad you liked my entry for this week’s theme.

    Now that you mentioned the many different meanings of the word funny, I remembered how I always found it super confusing how here in Croatia (or at least one part of it, not the one where I live), people use the word “funny” to describe someone who is nice, cute or attractive and it actually has nothing to do with humor. Isn’t that funny? 🙂

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    1. Thank you Petra for sharing this story) It’s quite funny and I would say more, if i like something I will say “Funny” as well 😉 My friends hesitating why I use funny if it’s not really, but in my case i like to use this word as in the situation you described above =D

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