The sandal’s story

I was never thinking to share this story on my blog, but the weekly photo challenge topic “Morning” made me share something which happened to me in Portugal.
We were living in the preservation area Terra Chaos in the mountains. It was a bit high so every day I could observe beautiful green trees of olives in the valleys. Hiking up and down with my camera I was thinking to wake up earlier next day to meet the sunrise from the hill, but… next day I was oversleep as always and of course the sun did’t wait for me to come and capture it’s awakening.
I think this is the story about the thought you are sending to the Universe, because my willingness to meet the sunrise in the Portuguese mountains and challenges which happened to me next day might be not just a coincidence…
The weather was sunny and hot so I decided to wash my sandals and left them outside the house to get dry faster. So, I just left them on the ground and went to sleep. I had some night dreams for sure, cos I usually have a lot of bright colourful movies during the night, but suddenly I woke up…
It was almost morning, something around 5 a.m. and I discovered the noise outside the house – it was very windy so all the trees were making reverences to the floor. I was about to fall asleep again when I reminded myself about my sandals, which were unsafely left outside(!)
1 (564)
I covered myself with the warm blanket and left the room to get back my sandals. One of them was calm laying down on the ground close to the house, but another one disappeared. We were living on the hill so I decided to start searching the sandal immediately, otherwise it might fall down and I will need to spend the rest of my vacations  in one shoe)
1 (623)
It was windy, cold and there were many of scratchy bushes through which I was surfing pretending to find the sandal… 30 minutes of exploring the hill did’t bring any success to my story, but suddenly I’ve noticed that it is almost the time for sun to awake! I forgot about the sandal and went back to bring my camera.
1 (576)
The next 30 minutes I was sitting on the small hill watching how the sun rays filling the olive valleys with the light… It was not about the lost sandal or cold and nasty morning anymore… It was about the sun, me, and the Portuguese preservation area which was kindly warmed up by the rising sun.
1 (615)
That was the moment! The moment worth to wake up at 5 a.m. and searching for the lost sandal – that was the moment to make the perfect shoot with the story behind it! That was the way – the Universe made me accomplish my willingness to meet the sunrise in the mountains for which I am so much thankful! Two years passed, but while writing this I still remember my excitement and pleasure of that moment. And I want to add that our World is fascinating and every sunrise is unique, even if you are meeting it in the same place. Get the inspiration the nature offers you for free – this is the best motivator ❤
1 (616)
To get back to the sandal story… Next day, after we came back from the Ocean I ‘ve found the second sandal next to our house… I have no idea how it appeared here, may be my sandal just decided to travel a bit or it was a kind dog, who was living in this area and walking around when I finally found my sandal =) May all your stories have happy end, or happy continuation ❤

22 thoughts on “The sandal’s story

  1. I was smiling while reading your nice story! It was definitely a sign for you to get up and make these wonderful pictures. I actually believe in it! You made me feel inspired for today! Such a pleasure!

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  2. So beautiful. So ridiculously beautiful. (That is just my way of expressing how so very beautiful I thought it was!) Your pictures and writing style are wonderful. I love how you personify everything so that it all is full of life and hope! Thank you for following my blog I look forward to following yours!

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  3. Amen to that. Lovely, I would love to see a sunrise soon enough. Lovely shots. And glad you found your sandal, I think it connived with the Sun to give you a happy ending, the universe does have its way of placing that which we desire most unexpectedly at our doorstep. We only need to open our eyes and see 👍💕

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    1. Actually, i wasn’t care that much about the sandal since I’ve experienced this beautiful sunrise in the mountains… But it was really a happy end when the sandal appeared in our yard =D

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