Morocco in details

Morocoo is one of my favourite country which I have visited. May be that`s why I paid attention to its details so much. I found everything is so beautiful and charmong that I want to come back to this country again and again.
This time last year I was exploring my favourite country and making some of these pictures ❤

In response to the weekly photochallange: DETAILS

13 thoughts on “Morocco in details

  1. Lovely pictures lidiia. you’re a great photographer and before I forget a great model too. You’re looking beautiful. Yes Morocco is like a mystic place. I just noticed mehendi or henna on your hands probably. it’s very popular in India too.

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      1. Ha ha! I personally don’t like it. It’s used by females for festive occasions and in marriages. it’s a.symbol of festivities. should I send you some? 🙂

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