The beauty of religions

In respond to wordpress weekly challange Look UpI would like to share the images of sacral architecture. The spiritual essence of the world religions makes us look up on these heavenly buildings, called churches, mosques, temples,sinagogues, etc. They are build like they are going to reach the heaven, because all they are created for the God. Everything which makes people believe in kindness, wonders, love, brotherhood, hope will bring a piece of harmony to our hearts ❤ The sacral places of each religions are beautiful, because they were created by beautiful people who believe in beautiful things… Look up and discover something truly amazing ❤  
Sofiyivska Lavra (Orthodox Church), Kiev, Ukraine, protected by UNESCO
Orthodox Church, Pochayiv, Ukraine
Catholic Cathedral, Lille, France
Eminonu Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey
Former Sinagogue, Uzhgorod, Ukraine
Orthodox Church, Lviv, Ukraine
DSC0294 (51)
Hasan the II Mosque, Casablanca, Morocco


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