What`s your favourite number?

What’s your favourite number? From my childhood I remember that people liked number 7. They said it is the number of wonders. There are 7 wonders of the world, 7 days in a week, 7 colors of the rainbow etc. Number 3 is dedicated to religion – the saint Trinity. it is a good number but was very common for people to choose this number as a favourite one. Number 1 seems to be very lonely for me… to be № 1 is good, but to share your success when there are at least 2 of you is way more better. Number 2 – used to associate with this “unsatisfactory” mark in our educational system, so automatically it can`t be the “favourite” number. 4 has too many of sharp corners, so it seems to be not that attractive. 5 – is not bad, it`s the mark of students who used to study for the highest grades in our educational system, but as one of those student`s for some reason I was never proud of it… 6 and 9 some people count as a devilry numbers. When I was a small girl I remember those people, sectarians, who used to come to play with us in the yard and were telling the scary stories about the year 1996 and 1999 when the apocalypse will come to our place…
And finally we came to number 8 which is the only number which was not that popular for the time I picked it up as my favourite one) It is 8th of March – the International Women`s Day, which is respectfully celebrates in Ukraine. 8 – is two circles and circle is a very good sign of sacral geometry. 8 – is infinity. And finally 8 is just too cute looking symbol❤ may be the case why i like this number is that my year of birth is 1988 🙂
My favourite number was following me in my favourite Kingdom of Morocco
B (546) - копия
Moulay Idriss
B (547)
C (734) - копия
On the way to Marrakech
In respond to the wordpress weekly photo challenge: Numbers

12 thoughts on “What`s your favourite number?

  1. Eight has a nice ring to it and it looks perfect! I can totally see why it is your favorite one. Mine is and has always been 13, if that can be counted as a number and not two…

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