How to write project proposal

DSC_0448I was the lucky one to attend interesting and useful event “(Re)Mix” in Strasbourg, organized by European Youth Foundation for the representatives of youth NGOs who applied for their grants. It was not just an International youth exchange, but the platform to ask the questions according to the grant proposal. During 4 days we had an intensive training about how to write the winning proposal to get funds for your activity and here I want to share some of the important issues which could help you while preparing international funding request.
So you`ve got a great idea, which could resolve youth problems in your society, what to do next?
– First of all, try to discuss the local context, make a research about the youth needs in your community and discuss everything with your colleagues. Here the method of Problem Tree could help.
– After you made a research of your problem, it`s time to start fulfilling the application form. Remember the formula of 3C (Clear! Coherent! Convincing!) The donor needs to understand from your proposal “What you want to do?”, “Does it make sense?”, “What are the values/arguments of your activity?”
You could divide responsibilities among your colleagues and try to answer different questions from the application form.
Poster created by participants of "(Re)Mix"
Poster created by participants of “(Re)Mix”
– Create an “Elevator Pitch” for your project. Imagine, if you met a person who could help to implement your ideas in the elevator. You just have this few minutes to spread the idea of your project until the doors of elevator will be open again. So try to convince this person that your idea worth to be implemented in few words.
– Plan the follow up of your project. Donors are interested in long-term results, so try to think how you could make the results of the activity sustainable or at least make sure that your project would have multiplication effect.
Poster created by participants of "(Re)Mix"
Poster created by participants of “(Re)Mix”
 – Outputs & Outcomes. Usually application form includes this questions, so don’t forget that they have different meanings:



– When you think that you`ve done with the project proposal give it for the prof-read for someone who doesn’t know the context of your activity. If this person will understand what you want to do and why, this might be a good indicator, that the grants committee will also understands what you’ve wrote in your papers.
– When everything is ready apply to one of the open calls. For instance European Youth Foundation give you the opportunity to apply (for the applicable countries, check on their website) to the pilot projects grants during the whole year.


The priority proposals for EYF (European Youth Foundation) are those which are focusing on the following:
– Combating hate speech
– Building inclusive societies
– Building peaceful communities
Poster created by participants of "(Re)Mix"
Poster created by participants of “(Re)Mix”
For more information visit the website of EYF.


So, good luck with your ideas, and don’t forget to ask questions if you have some)

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