10 facts about Strasbourg

European Parliament
European Parliament
Strasbourg is valuable French city and during my visit I`ve collected 10 of the most obvious facts and images which make a quick guide through it`s essence.
1) May be one the №1 fact should be that there is European Parliament in Strasbourg. This fact make this city unique and very important.
2) Strasbourg close enough to German borders, and because of this the city has many of German features.
on the streets
on the streets
Square in Strasbourg
Square in Strasbourg
3) Each place in France has it’s own Notre Dame Cathedral and Strasbourg is not an exception. Strasbourg`s Notre Dame Cathedral is as huge that I couldn’t capture it whole with my camera.
Notre Dame Cathedral of Strasbourg
Notre Dame Cathedral of Strasbourg



4) It is too clean, too neat and it`s too…. much. You can hardly find imperfections here, which I found a bit boring.


Even if you could find a slight imperfection it is still beautiful)
5) Usually people are not walking on foot here, especially after 7 p.m.



6) Most of the big buildings here have the sign of Council of Europe.


7) They have a good deals in the restaurants, just make your own investigation.
8) It is more rainy than sunny.



9) There is one of the two European Youth Centers in Strasbourg. Another one is situated in Budapest.


10) Ticket controllers are existing in the public transport. Bare it in mind!
P.S. this is just a quick glimpse on the city from the outsider, but I’m pretty sure that Strasbourg could offer much more for the visitors. In general it is a beautiful city, calm and safe.

11 thoughts on “10 facts about Strasbourg

  1. Your photos are like painting . yes Strasbourg is a beautiful town and its cathedral is the most ancient gothic cathedral of France.
    But it looks the center toxwn is almost desert . As you say the cars envade all and there are not much pedestrians .
    I knew Stasbourg 50 years ago and it was most populated in center town.. But it was in Jyly .
    Love ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the comment, Michel. At the time I`ve visited Strasbourg it was a bit cold and rainy, may be that`s why people were not show up. I hope than when it comes to warm season people will go out on the streets)


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