Your personal Dream Map

My map of dream
My map of dream
When I was 19 years old, I started to become a beauty consultant of Mary Kay cosmetics. They offered many of useful trainings, knowledge from which I`m using up to these days. One of the things I got to know is the importance of creating personal Dream Map.
A Dream Map is a personalized poster where you stick all the things you are dreaming about. You should write the date or at least the year when are you waiting for this dream to come true. This Map should be visible for you everyday, so try to put it in the best place to observe it when you are waking up and when going to sleep. The visualization will start a mechanism of implementing your dreams to reality.
Preparing renovation of my Dream Map
Preparing renovation of my Dream Map
Of course we are growing up and our dreams are changing. Some of them are already became a reality, and some of them are not necessary any more, so you can always apply changes to your Dream Map. As for me,Ā I`ve started my Dream Map 9 years ago, and for this time many of the things I put there became true, so I sticked some other images of my dreams to my Map.
New dreams are coming...
New dreams are coming…
images from the magazine
images from the magazine
You could draw your dreams directly on your Map or you could find suitable pics in magazines and stick them to your Dream Map.
It`s not a big deal to spend some hours on planning your Dreams on the map, but as my personal example and examples of people I know say – it really works! So give it a try! Visualize your dreams and be the one who will say that your dreams are coming true!


6 thoughts on “Your personal Dream Map

  1. These are also called “Vision Maps” and they are very good to have. They help you to reach your goals and you and at the end of the year or month you can remove or check off whichever of the goals you accomplished. It is great that you have this outlet, and I hope you reach all your goals.

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    1. Wow, thank you for this comment, I was never thinking to remove the goals which have already came true…. I just sticked other things on the images which has no more interested to me.


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