5 topics to annoy an emerging personality

FullSizeRenderWe are growing up day by day, we change our perception, attitudes, values – we are growing as a personality, but there would be always something which will try to stop your personal growth… So if you are not a student any more you are under the huge control by the socium, who dares to take care of your personal life. How many times you`ve heard the questions which annoy us during the entire life, from “good advisers”, whose personal life is not that successful as they were expected it.
Let’s remind ourselves what is the most common topics to judge your style of life which is different from the “right” perception of society, and never give them a chance to stop following our dreams:
1) Relationships. “How can you deal with it if he is older than you?”
2) Work. “Stop doing stupid things and start to earn money…” If you are trying to follow your talents and don`t wish to work at the plant – you are at gunpoint. Your creativity doesn`t mean a lot for them if your incomes are not stable…
3) Marriage. “You are already 25, why to wait until you’ll be old?” Society is not appreciating that much your willingness for self-development – they just want you to be as copy paste of the majority – so it`s easier for them to observe you as a housekeeper wife.
4) Children. “You are already 25, you have to give birth to children.” It doesn`t matter if you are ready to become parents… society was already decided for you – that if you are married you have to give birth now.
5) Style. “You are too young to wear this… You are a wife to wear this, it is not allowed to behave yourself as you do…”
What else would you add? What annoys you the most? Let`s share our experiences and remain the reflection of ourselves. It`s nice2be You and you deserves to follow your own way ❤

6 thoughts on “5 topics to annoy an emerging personality

  1. Excellent write up! The day our society awakens to the fact we all are unique in terms of choices and abilities, we will be free to pursue what we want to. only when you can be yourself, you’ll be able to reach to greater height! Life is too short to be living someone else… but sadly that’s not how it is! Do you agree on my last statement?

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    1. sure, I`m completely agree) Yesterday my friend told me a story when an Angel met a women who passed away. He asked her name and she answered, but than he said that she was this women, but she lived not her life but the life of the society and that`s why she turned into another person… Let us live our own lives happily =)

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      1. I couldn’t agree more with your last statement… Too many things to do before you die and life is short!! I wish people around us could understand this… we are all good human beings (by and large) it’s just our attitude and egos that puts us on different sides! I wish things change…

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      2. Actually, one of the things we are fighting for with our NGO is Indifference. Many of people are so indifferent towards the world, society their own personalities..

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