The Old New Year Celebration

the main Christmas tree in Kyiv
the main Christmas tree in Kyiv
Another beautiful tradition in Ukraine is to celebrate on the eve of 13th of January the eve before the Old New Year, which is on the 14th of January (according to the old style calendar). On this eve youth people were walking through the houses in interesting costumes and singing special for this day songs. We call those songs – Schedrivka.
Here is the video from our rehearsal before going to our friends and families.
As you can see we are wearing different dresses to represent some of the heroes of “Shedrivka” – “Syvaia Zozulenka” which is very famous in Ukraine. From left to right we are representing: 1) Ukrainian girl; 2) Stars on the night sky; 3) the Sun; 4) the Moon and another 5) Ukrainian girl.
Ukraine has many of wonderful traditions and many of interesting places to visit, so you can follow the link and learn more about our country =D More about Ukraine.

7 thoughts on “The Old New Year Celebration

  1. Wow! Out here we celebrate sakranti festival on 14 th January. it’s not new year but it marks change in Sun ‘s tilting… Actually it’s earth ‘s axis! So days start to become longer. the festival is marked with flying kites… and it’s done in huge numbers… the entire sky is filled with kites! You can see some pictures on my instagram..
    Link on blog page itself!

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    1. That`s interesting) here is the New Year according to the old calendar, but we celebrate it as an Old New Year. and the day you are talking about we have a little bit later) I`m going to check the instagram pics 😉 Thanks for sharing)

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