Christmas list to do in Kyiv

Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January. On the 6th of January we have the holy eve before Christmas when you have to forgive and to give kindness to the world.
So what we usually do on our holy day in Ukraine?
  1. waking up with a wonderful mood, forgive and be thankful
  2. Singing Christmas carols
  3. going to church
  4. visiting family and friends
  5. have family gathering while holiday breakfast and sharing traditional dish for Christmas – “Kutia”
  6. feeling Christmas wonder in the air
  7. speeading the love and happiness into the air
  8. making a wish and pray for good things to happen
Merry Christmas, stay blessed and feel the wonder!

8 thoughts on “Christmas list to do in Kyiv

  1. Never knew that orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on 7th January! The reason being orthodox Christians are not present in India, to the best of my knowledge! Thanks for posting it here. merry Christmas!!

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      1. Just a thought….Do Ukrainians understand & speak good English? I have an impression that Ukraine has strong Russian influence owing to many years in Soviet rule!

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      2. Ukrainians speak Ukrainian and Russian, at leats everyone understand Russian. We speak English not that good, but I think that majority of people could understand basic English)

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      3. oh!being able to speak English surely connects you to the world!
        Even your English is must have undergone English course it as a optional language?

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