Perfect Christmas gift. What is it?

It is very common statement that women don’t know what they really want, but have you ever try to ask what your woman wants? There are so many simple things which could make your lady happy…and these are not a sand castles, there are things from our daily life. 
I decided to make a small investigation and asked my friends and colleagues what they would like to receive as a present for a New Year and Christmas holidays. I’ve talked to 19 young women aged 25-35, what are they dreaming for the New Year holidays. You might be impressed but many of them were talking about not material stuff. 
Winter happinnes
Winter happiness
Mother & son
Mother & son
“My best gift would be the possibility to spend these holidays with my love, cos unfortunately we are spending not that much time together…”
“I would like to get Peace in Ukraine! Are you satisfied with this answer? Because I can’t stand of this war any more…. If to speak about material things, may be just a gloves, cos I really need them.”
“I wish to get 3 air tickets to Indonesia, because I can’t afford myself to save money for this trip. I have a dream to visit this place for more than 2 years already. That would be a perfect gift.”
“I want a trip somewhere to Indian or Pacific Ocean, or to two of them and swim there. I have a dream to visit all the Oceans in the world and Atlantic and North Oceans I’ve already visited.”
Schiphol airport. Amsterdam.
Schiphol airport. Amsterdam.

“I would like this war to be ended. I want all children to have their fathers; and mother to have their sons at home. I would like everyone to smile and be satisfied with those things we have.”

“I would like to get something beautiful and warm) like red tights, scarf, gloves, sweater… Also i would be happy with some sweets and nice christmas tree decorations.”


“I want advent-calendar. I have no time to do it by my self but I want to have this feeling of upcoming winter holidays and to open with my daughter each new day before the New Year. This would be so interesting to complete the challenges from this calendar together. I would like to have a 3D pen to visualize all my ideas with children. I would like to have good hair-styler, anyway I’m a woman first of all:) now i want iPhone. This is the first time i felt that i need it.”
Santa`s girlfriend
Santa`s girlfriend
I want a tour to Lapland. I always dreamed to visit Santa Claus.”
“To wish globally – I want peace worldwide and absence of hunger. For me personally – I would like to receive little women’s happiness – the new cell phone, because the old one can do the things I need.”
“I want gift certificate for massage to relax my body and soul. And may be one massage in the sauna.”
“Good father for my future children to give precious values for our new generation. Also unlimited pass to SPA-center for the whole year to look beautiful and be healthy.”
“I want my family and relatives to be happy and healthy – this is my happiness.”


“I want peace in Ukraine! But this is not a gift. I want a kitty or a rat. To have a small fluffy pet is not only teaches to take care and be more responsible, but also give you a friend to share happiness and sadness.”
 “I want peace in Ukraine. And for me personally – to receive even more happiness than I had in 2015.”
“I want generous, loving husband, just because….”
So, you see, Ukrainian giles are dreaming about simple things. You can make her happy with a colorful warm gloves, which you choose with love and respect or hug her tight- and she will be glad that someone loves her that much. You might be wondered, but a small gift from sincere heart will make a woman happy – just show that she is important for you!
Are you curious what American & Haitian women want as a gift for Christmas? Follow the link and check the article of wonderful blogger Ladysergine who also asked ladies what they would like to receive as a present and shared the results on her blogpost “A guideline to a perfect gift”.
What makes women happy?
What makes women happy?

4 thoughts on “Perfect Christmas gift. What is it?

  1. Awww beautifully written. Absolutely agree on Peace in the world everywhere there is conflict. And Unity too. We are all humans and one, pray we get there. I nominated you for the grateful blogger award few minutes ago. Do check it out when you have the chance and accept either by commenting or reblogging or creating a wonderful new post. I know awards arent everyone’s thing, so please do what you are absolutely okay with. Gracia. Muaaah.

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