Something you`re going to miss this night (St.Nicholas Day)

1 (4)Late. Night. From the very childhood I used not to sleep this night, because in Ukraine on 19th of December all children are waiting for the miracle, and I`m consider myself as a big child. There is a “Magic night” in Ukraine because St. Nicholas is visiting all the good children to give them gifts. I hope that I was a good girl and will prepare my stockings for a wonderful gift. Sometimes kids also find presents under the pillow in the morning.
I love this Ukrainian tradition and it might be the kindest day of the year. People who are not celebrating this “Magic day” are going to miss so much…
Special atmosphere accompanied by watching movie – fairytale, which makes this night specially romantic and wonderful, but I need to get to sleep, cos in the morning I want to receive my gift from St. Nicholas. I don`t know what it’s gonna be, but I truly believe in miracle as a child.
Sometimes dreams are coming true… we just need to wait until the morning ❤
This is a little story of anticipation for the weekly photo challenge by WordPress.


2 thoughts on “Something you`re going to miss this night (St.Nicholas Day)

  1. What a wonderful and sweet post! Dear Lidiia, I am sure you will find your present from St Nickolas…


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