You could predict the future with Ukrainian traditional divinations

Usually unmarried girls trying to predict their future on the eve of 13th of December
Here in Ukraine we have many traditions which date back to the old times of Kievan Rus. One of them is to tell fortunes on St. Andrew`s Day – 13th of December.
You have to admit that at least once in a year you were thinking what will be the next? Who will be your partner, your fiancé, right? On the eve of 13th of December in Ukraine we have a special day where young girls could peek into the future and get some answers and predictions on the most common questions which every lady wants to know…
So, let me share with You some of the most popular Ukrainian divinations which you could try as well at night from 12th to 13th of December.
1) Ask your friends to write on a small pieces of paper male’s name. One name per one paper. There should be 11 names written on 11 papers and the last one – 12th paper leave blank. Put all those papers under your pillow before going to bed. When you will wake up on 13th of December pick one of those papers. The name you will see on the paper – will be the name of your future husband. If you will take an empty sheet – the name of your fiancé is still in a secret 😉
an essential attribute of divination is a candle
an essential attribute of divination is a candle
2) You could do another way also. Put your comb under the pillow before sleep with the words: “my future fiancé come and comb my hair…” He should come to your night dream and combs your hair.
Traditional Ukrainian dress
Traditional Ukrainian dress
3) In the evening you could go out from the house and ask the first man you`ll meet on the street the male`s name. The name, a stranger will tell you is the name of your future husband.
For some divinations girls use mirror
For some divinations girls use mirror
4) You will need some cups. Put inside of each cup – a piece of bread, salt, sugar, ring, money, onion and the last one pour with the water. Than mix the cups and pick one with the closed eyes. If you will pick up an onion – it predicts tears; bread – wealth; ring – wedding; water – stability; salt – be careful, some troubles are expected. If you will pick the cup with sugar – you`ll have a lot of fun; and money means – you will get rich.
The thing you`ll chose will tell what to wait for the next year
The thing you`ll chose will tell what to wait for the next year
5) Take a piece of paper crumple it and put on a plate. Turn off the light and burn this paper. When the fire is almost gone, put the plate closer to the wall and try to understand the shapes on the wall. The thing you will see will happen to you next year. Just don`t forget to use your imagination 😉
Shape on the wall will predic something
Shape on the wall will predic something
6) Take a book and keep it closed. Think about the page, number of the line from up or down and then open the book. Text you will read try to understand towards your currents needs and interests. (For instance: wealth, travels, marriage, health etc.)
Divination with a book
Divination with a book
7) For the next divination you`ll need golden or silver chain. Holding the chain in your hand try to think about the question which is very important to you. Throw the chain on the table and check the shape you`ve got. There are some of the most popular meanings:
Circle – you will need to take a lot of effort to deal with the situation which will occurs in the future;
  • Oval – not an easy situation, but will not require much loss;
  • Smooth line – success and the best time to implement your dreams;
  • Snake – you should be aware and not trust people around you;
  • The intricate knot – you might expect some intrigue;
  • Triangle – a sign of luck;
  • Butterfly or bow – you could wait for dating, love, and maybe even a marriage;
  • The chain that has emerged in some letter – wait for a new romance with someone whose name begins with this letter.
However, the best interpretation – is the one which you feel and “see”.
Ukrainian traditions
Ukrainian traditions
Traditional Ukrainian divination on the St. Andrew’s Day brings a lot of fun for the participants. You just need to keep in mind, that prediction – is just one of the variants of your future, but you have hands to create the future by yourself!
P.S. Do you have something like this in your country? I dare to know more about your traditions, please share!

14 thoughts on “You could predict the future with Ukrainian traditional divinations

  1. Ooooo here in Romania we have similar traditions. Like on the 6th of January, girls don’t eat anything all day long except for a simple salted bread tart at night, they put holy basil under their pillow at night and that night they dream their chosen one. My grandmother tried it once and she told me that because she was so hungry after not eating she dreamt a big fat piece of steak that night :)))))

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  2. Ukrainians celebrate the Day of St. Andrew as a good tradition. On this day, unmarried girls tell fortunes about their future husband. I`m already married for more than 5 years and have two wonderful kids, but every year I celebrate this holiday. I love the Ukrainian traditions, especially St. Andrew evenings.

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      1. I enjoy it, being able to read for people and help them. It takes preactice and a good intuition but it’s something anyone can do. I had a good teacher and that helped.

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