10 ideas to save money and make a perfect Christmas gift for Him

Wizard from Wonderland
Wizard from Wonderland
You might be surprised but there is something more valuable and precious in the gift you made with your hands. It is not a secret that Hand-Made industry is growing up, but if a gift was made by yourself for a special person with a positive thoughts this will cause a big success for your present.
Let`s see what could you prepare for your man to show that he is valuable for you and that you care a lot to make him happy.
  1. You could make your personal portfolio with the best pictures specially for him. This will makes your boyfriend feels the special one, and with this present you’ll remind how beautiful you are to himself and to yourself as well.
  2. Create your love story photobook. It will definitely melt his heart.
  3. Draw a picture. Visit painting workshops, ask for help, whatever… He will feel happy to see that you did something wonderful for him, which you didn`t try before.
  4. Write a poem to him or a love letter. He might not jump around but he will appreciate it so much.
  5. Make something useful with your hands like a pillow with his name. When he will falls asleep watching TV he will dreams about you lying on the pillow you`ve made)


  6. Invite him to a special date.Dating is always wonderful and here you can play back the scene when your relationship was just started.
  7. Make a certificate for 10 days course massage from you and tell that he could use it whenever he wants.
  8. Prepare the most delicious dinner for both of you with Christmas decorations and candles. He will never forget this piece of romance.
  9. Learn how to dance balley dance and make him a performance.
  10. Make him a box of joy. Write on colorful pieces of paper words of love and joy which you feel with him and put in one box. When he will be in a bad mood remind him to pick one from the box… This might help him to smile again.
    P.S. everything was testing personally by me and my friends and had a huge success. Sometimes even caused a tears of joy =) Show your man that you’re creative and could think out of the box. And remember one thing – the most expensive things on the world can’t replace personal attention and care.

    Londek Zdruj. Poland
    Londek Zdruj. Poland

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