I want to send you a postcard for Christmas!

Open call for soulmates from all over the world.
You might be the next personality I am going to explore)   
I believe that everyone has a soulmate in this world, and I know I am going to meet many of people with the same way of thinking on my life road, who are strangers for me now. I meet wonderful people and some of them are becoming my friends. I love people, and I respect their differences, and accept their personalities, ’cause it makes me very excited about new meetings and experiences…
In this post I would like to share the thoughts of my friend who is a huge source of inspiration. Her name is Anna Opanasenko, and I’ve met her while traveling to Turkey. I want to share the following passage, because it is completely my thoughts. but written by Anna. I think this is one of the proves of the fact that soulmates are all around us.
Christmas Decoration
Christmas Decoration
So, The Longest Ride or just a Cup of Coffee?
Anna Opanasenko
“When you meet some person in real life, what is first you pay your attention on? Eyes, general appearance, hands, hair? Or maybe first thing that attracts you in another person is her/his voice? Anyway, we always try to find in others something that so close to us. Maybe, it comes from our childhood memories, maybe, from previous life=) (hey-hey, do you believe in reincarnation?) In any case, it is the power of our consciousness and subconsciousness, though we can realize or do not realize our first feelings about another person.
What is the real sense of been attracted by someone? I think that it is our real or latent experience. When you have some situation in your life, you get and keep memories about the people you were surrounded by in that time period.  So you keep not just actions but their general images as well. Your experience builds some classification so in further life you’re trying to put people you meet in special cells of your visualized network. We can simple call it prejudice. But is it good? What do you think?
We decide ourselves if we want just have a cup of coffee with someone or we can spend a lifetime with our soulmate. As you could mention, I like philosophy) Do you? Can you share something with me? Anna Opanasenko (Ukraine)
Christmas Decoration
Christmas Decoration
You can see that people with similar way of thinking are everywhere and we all are form the community of a global mind. I want to celebrate this Winter Holidays with everyone who is reading this article. So, I would like to share some happiness with you and give a small present as a Christmas postcard from Ukraine charged with positive energy. If you want to receive it, please leave your postal address in the comments below or send it to my inbox: lidko2504@gmail.com
And let`s celebrate this winter miracle together ❤
I believe this article from 2015 could be a great contribution to the weekly challenge of New Horizon
Armenia. Yerevan
Armenia. Yerevan

13 thoughts on “I want to send you a postcard for Christmas!

  1. I love Anna’s thoughts, she is so right. Dear Lidiia, you are an amazing person who inspires me. I’d love to receive a postcard from you and present you mine as well (if you let me?). It’s a fantastic idea! Your photo works are gorgeous!


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