Winter is time for Miracles

Winter in Chernivtsy
Winter in Chernivtsy
Are you still believe in miracles? I think that regardless the age, when it comes to Christmas season and New Year celebration many of us are waiting for the dreams to come true…
Winter is a time of wonderland. There is no other time you can see the snow. Have you ever discovered the single snowflake? Each of them has a unique design and isn`t it a miracle? They are shimmering while falling down to the ground making a fluffy coat to the earth to warm it up. The same way do our dreams: you wish it – they come high to the sky and when it is time for them to come true – they will slightly fall down like a snowflake… and when it will reach the ground – the dream turns into reality.
I would tell you something… the dream I wished on this New Year didn’t come true. I can`t say that I was lazy to work on it, I did even more that I could for this time, but still it is just a dream, not the reality. May be my dream was not that strongly wished and the Universe decided that there are many other dreams which are more necessary for their owners…  Anyway, it is not the reason to stop dreaming, especially when it comes to the season of miracles. Every time my dream is not coming true, I believe that there is a child who became healthier, love that became stronger and lonely cat who found the house… I know that for them it was more needed at that time.
The window to the wonderland
The window to the wonderland
Many of us are waiting for the winter holidays to start the life from scratch when the New Year will come. People building plans, they believe that better things will happen next year. People are making wishes, promises to themselves, etc… They are ready to improve themselves to become more kind, spend money on charity, everything… but very deep in their hearts they hope for the… Now. This time… Always.
Christmas decoration
Christmas decoration
Look around! Isn`t it a miracle that all the world is dream bigger? Aren`t you a part of this wonderland? Do you think it is inspiring enough to do a step forward to your biggest dream? You don`t need to wait for the New Year, just do it now! And I wish it will come true ❤
Make a wish - make it true!
Make a wish – make it true!

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