5 signs will shows he likes you

If you are still not sure if he likes you or not, let me share with you 5 basic signs which simply scream to you that he is obviously  in love ❤
  1. He is trying to make you smile! Smart guys know the secret that girls like funny boys who could make them laugh with nothing ))
  2. He is discussing his ex-girlfriends with you… Let him show you how popular he is =D He just wants to earn the higher rating.
  3. He is nervous when you are talking to other men. He starts pretending that he already has rights on you))
  4. He notices the small and invisible things about you, which you don’t even care about… Actually, why should you care about the things which he could take care about 🙂
  5. He is acting like a stupid, just to show you that he is weaker than you, to force you make the first step towards him =D
Love in the field of poppies
Love in the field of poppies
But if you both are the survivors of those “let me be the 1st “battle, that means the true love occurs between you both. Keep it, treat it and live happy ever after! Live a dream, create your own fairy-tail ❤
P.S. this article is a topic to discuss. Which signs did you get before falling in love?  Feel free to express your own experience… 
read love
read love

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