10 reasons to travel by airplane

I believe that the airports were designed to reduce the distances and to help the soulmates meet with each other sooner ❤
Amsterdam airport
Amsterdam airport
1) The first reason is quite obvious for everyone – If you want to reach another part of the world in few hours – just take a plane. There is nothing else which could deliver you faster to the destination you need.
Destination - Morocco
Destination – Morocco
Somewhere above the Mediterranean
Somewhere above the Mediterranean
2) According to what scientists say – the airplane is one of the safest means of transport. I was impressed by this statement, but if to compare the number of accidents by another transport, the airplane has the less among them.
At Schiphol - airport of Amsterdam
At Schiphol – airport of Amsterdam
3) Through this small airplane window – illuminator you can be impressed by the Universe`s wonder – the sky, with fluffy cotton clouds; and imagine how you would jump there, like in the childish dreams together with pink unicorns.
Fluffy unicorns
Fluffy unicorns
4) During your travel by airplane you could be so lucky to observe the sunrise and the sunset. Sunrise and sunset are always charming and fascinating, but when you see this natural wonder through the clouds – you will be totally amazed. Sometimes, watching this, I want to cry from the happiness that such a beauty exists in the world.
Once, travelling from the USA to Europe I witnessed day & night at the same time. Because of the time difference on the left side of the board there was already night, while on the right – still daylight.
Leaving from Morocco
Leaving from Morocco
Evening flight to Istanbul
Evening flight to Istanbul
5) I`ve never been to Paris (except the Charle de Gaulle airport where I’ve spent 4 nights in general) but I saw the sparkling Eiffel Tower from above and it was an amazing view. I didn’t make pictures of it – I preferred to memorize this breathtaking image with the heart, not with the camera. So one more plusses of travel by airplane is that you could observe the city from above; all you need is take a seat near the window.
6) Yeah! They are serving food and drinks on board. But there are some airlines which are not offering meals and beverages for free; especially this is about budget airlines, which have cheaper prices.
7) It is quite comfortable to travel by airplane, isn’t it?
Leaving from Turkey
Going Home
8) The airplane stuff is always good looking and friendly. It is nice to see people who enjoy their work and share their positive attitude with the passengers.
9) Sometimes it could be cheaper than travel by land.
View from illuminator to Amsterdam
View from illuminator to Amsterdam
10) You can dream higher. When you are at the airplane your wishes might be heard by the sky sooner =)
Sky above Ukraine
The sky above Ukraine
I always think about the view, the pilots have in front of them. To experience this I would like to try myself as a pilot one day J Dream higher and be happy!
P.S. If you are still a train lover, come to visit my post about 8 things to save you from loneliness in Ukrainian train.

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