My perfect autumn in Kyiv

DSC_0133Since the beginning of the autumn 2015 I was keeping in mind a picture of my perfect autumn. If to describe this picture I would say that it should be full of bright colors like sunny yellow, red-blooded love, blue and clear sky and this perfect picture would smells with hot cocoa which I`m going to hold in my hands to warm up ❤
During my last week in Kyiv I was so lucky to see my “perfect autumn” picture image in reality. I was waking up with the sunrays in my room and started my incredible photographic adventure through the most romantic places I`ve ever visited in the capital of my motherland.
You have to admit that yellow color is quite romantic, especially when you see it on the streets of megapolis. Sometimes I want to sit in the park and write a poem during those days – it gives me a lot of inspiration. I like the music of the Ocean but I also like the sounds which came from below my feet, while walking through the leaves covering the ground.
Isn`t it breathtaking to see so much of the sun in the city?
In Mariinsky park Kyiv
In Mariinsky park Kyiv summer scene
In Mariinsky park Kyiv summer scene

People usually say that when spring comes – the love will occur. But don’t you think that during the autumn days you can’t find your true love? Look around, the nature inspires you to become romantic which makes you want someone’s hugs and a heart ❤ There is not only yellow color which autumn has, but also red – which the united color of Love. It is everywhere and alongside with the sun rays it cause a piece of magic which could help people to find each other.
If to walk down from Mariinsky Park you would see a small wooden bridge, where lovers lock their love. There is huge number of lockers and sometimes they are too heavy for the bridge so municipality has to take some of them away. But in a short period of time the new lockers with love and names of the couple appears on the bridge.
The view from the bridge

One of my favourite observation areas in Kyiv
Autumn is a small continuation of summer which will lead us to the cold snowy winter. Each year the autumn is different so I made a special photo shooting of this lovely season in Kyiv. I think we might be happy that here in Ukraine we have all the colors of different seasons: white, green, perfect green, yellow, red and many more. Especially I`m glad as a photographer to make bright pictures during the year.
In spring usually girls wearing flowers in the hair, and in autumn – colorful leaves….
Isn’t it beautiful to be a queen of the autumn? Wearing sunshine in the hair before the snow will fall down and cover everything for a long three months?

As I shared in my previous post about Kyiv, one of my favourite places is the Trukhanov Island and the pedestrian bridge to this place. It`s not yet a winter but still autumn and the colors are perfect, just like the Ukrainian flag – yellow & blue.
Pedestrian bridge to Trukhaniv Island
Trukhaniv Island
Trukhaniv Island
Usually the beach by the water is accompanied with palms or at least something green, but here you see the amazing yellow leaves falling down into the water of river Dnipro.


Try to do something inspiring this autumn, I think it is just the right time to open your talents.
The way nature changes it’s appearance depending on year seasons is a real transmogrify, which is the topic of new weekly challenge of WordPress.

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    1. Thank you for mentioning this. Unfortunately most of people writes it like Kiev and think that Kyiv is a mistake. We need to promote the culture of correct name of our Ukrainian cities.


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