W.E.Art – for women empowerment and Art

The book I hold in my hands is a small one, but it has a big meaning for me… When you are working hard you want to see the results – you want to touch it, to hold it in the hands – and now I`m the lucky one to do this. My first photography book with the outcomes of the International Ukrainian-Moroccan photography project W.E. ART was presented on 19th of October. I know it`s just a small step forward in the direction of my work, but I am proud that I did at least this one.
Our team is developing W.E.Art initiative as the Art Project  which comprises of several stages and involves exchange of visual messages between Ukraine and list of other countries in order to raise awareness on women`s place in modern world.


The photographic investigation of inspiring women from Ukraine and Morocco was only the first step of our artistic adventure. We are going to look for many other inspiring women from all over the world.


Starting the W.E.Art project was a huge step for me as an artist. It was my first international project where I met many of wonderful people from different countries and got inspired from them.
Iftar in Nador (Morocco)

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