Paris – connecting flights

1Someone says he/she hates airports, cos they separate people from each other, but I think that airport is this special place which reduce distances and connects people. I figure it out since I`ve started to travel on far away distances and meet friends all over the world, but now I know that there is a popular american movie which also starts with this phrase, which means I`m not single in my opinion =)
When I see the airplane in the sky I always wish the passengers on board a pleasant safe flight and exciting meetings on the destination place. I put myself on one of those seats and imagine whom I`m going to meet right after arrival… Isn’t it a miracle when you could appear in another part of the world just in few hours?
A (104)
Sometimes there will appear “waiting spots” on your way when you`ll need to transfer flights. I just wonder how much time did I spend in the transfer zones of all those countries which were on my way in general? It could remind the movie “Terminal” somehow… Once my friends spent more than 48 hours in transfer zone, because they’ve missed their flight to Casablanca and were waiting for another cheap airfare without food, drinks, sleep , shower, etc. It was quite difficult to entertain each other during such a long time, but for instance to spent interesting 13 hours in Paris Charle de Gaulle airport was easy for me)
A (135)
try to stole a boyfriend when his girlfriend went to the toilet
I was in Paris 4 times, but only at the Charle de Gaulle airport =D I like this place it is comfortable as a transfer zone and inspiring for creativity. So what to do at Paris airport at night when you have 13 hours before your next flight?

1) Test all the cameras before arrival to final destination to make sure that everything is working properly;)

A (34)

2) You can use your private Beauty Zone (signed as a toilet), coz it reminds some of the beauty salons;) 
A (9)
3) Try to play modeling and make a “fashion” shooting in Paris =P

A (58)

4) Take a nap (if you could) in relax area with the daylight lamps

A (121)

5) Find some perfect imperfections

A (161)

6) Count the airplanes which are departing and landing each 30 seconds

A (217)1

7) Dream about new destinations like Morocco, Germany, Armenia, Hungary, Portugal, Turkey, Ukraine, etc……

A (204)

Enjoy each part of your travel, the way you get there is also important, not only the final destination ;P 

8 thoughts on “Paris – connecting flights

  1. Such an amazing post. Spending time at an airport is all about creativity. I think you absolutely mastered it! Like this you’ll definitely keep enjoying traveling 🙂

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  2. My goal next year it’s to travel as much as I can. I’m planning a trip to Italy or France which ever. Don’t know yet but, I’m going to start traveling as much as I can .. I get so anxious lol but love your post, from now I’ll enjoy any airport to my best ability. I’ve actually have been to France. Such beautiful place. Can’t wait for next year ❤️

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