Love improvisation

Being a wedding photographer and “experienced girlfriend” who is dating the same beloved person for 9 years already, I`ve experienced some of the ‘love troubles” and “celebration of love”. I got satisfaction when see people loving… another person, the job, hobby, nature, world… love makes people beautiful, cos their eyes are shining then. There is love on my pictures, and it starts from the moment I take my Nikon into the hands. “Always have love. First – love, than everything else” – as Monk Porfiriy said. So if you start something – start it with love ❤
 Colors of Love

“You need to feed my love, otherwise you`re gonna make me starving…
In this case I might be picked up by another
hunter for the princesses…”


a bunch of

“What was in my soul before coming here, and what is now… so, much difference…”

“I think that your lips are the most suitable for me;)”
“I’ve got your life inside of me.”

Любов яка варта вершин
The highest highs are achievable with love
“Some of the things, I want I could offer myself to buy, but there are things which I want that much and ready to pay high price but they are priceless.”
“And if you loves me, please, love me, don’t let others love me more…”
“People are puzzles – not every piece suits to each other. We need to find our part to create unity.”



“May be I should take care of someone’s else heart?”
“You could be just a human but if you want to change something because of me, I will be your muse.”
DSC_0060Love makes the World happier – let`s share the Happiness

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