Escape for inspiration – 10 things I’ve learned during the week of escape

Sometimes you have to escape from the big city to have some fresh air, reload your brains and get inspiration for new projects.
I found quite peaceful place for my escape where I could productively work for my soul development. This place is a catholic guest house, which invites everyone who wants to feel the nature, to pray, to think about the eternity issues and to use their big library. Visitors could learn a lot here, if they open their hearts and minds, so did I.
I wanna share with you some things which I’ve learned here:
1) Forgiveness – is one of the best thing humans could offer each other;
2) Challenge yourself to understand people who are dear to your heart, they worth it;
3) Speak about your feelings, your body is small enough to keep all the essence of our soul;
4) Everything starts with love
5) We receive difficulties and challenges for our development. We have to use them as tools for upgrading our talents;
6) To start something, you don’t need the experience of the entire life. Just do what you’re passionate about;
7) If you want to realize yourself in life, became the person, who you already are in your heart. In this case you will get your childish passion to achieve what you really want;
8) When you are sharing, you might be one of those who help to revive wonderful human hope;
9) We are not allowed not to love;
10) We need to learn how to speak, to make sure people will understand what we want to address.
Досягнути бажаного
Inspiration in the Portuguese mountains

3 thoughts on “Escape for inspiration – 10 things I’ve learned during the week of escape

  1. Thank you thank you !! Love this one . Forgiveness and speak up are my two biggest issues .. Yes in life you need a break to breath and reconnect with yourself . I’m going to do this

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